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Stat explanation

Post by Druburymore » Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:45 pm

OK I'm and Idiot. Or I'm the only one that sees the elephant in the room.

How do you use the Appendix numbers?

Your Appendix:
Crit 0.76 2.02
Agility 2.59 4.07
Haste 0.72 1.48
Hit 0.66 1.90
Expertise 0.66 1.90

In my Character profile my at 85
Crit 30.65
Agility is 3137
Haste 5.89
Hit 3.44
Exp 7

So as you can see... I haven't a clue where you pull your numbers from or how to appy them. I have looked at so many sights looking for this info, and your site is awesome. But the numbers have me spun! Are they a percentage of a total? If so a total of what? I can follow a formula, if I know what the variables are. Thanks and again, you have a very nice site.

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Re: Stat explanation

Post by Alaron » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:05 pm

Those numbers look like DPS stat values. 1 point of (agility/crit/haste/etc.) at a given buffs/gear level will increase your DPS by X amount. (You can look at that table and see that 1 point of agility gives you the most DPS, which is why we call it the most valuable.)

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