H. Maloriak

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H. Maloriak

Post by Andolie » Wed Mar 30, 2011 10:55 am

Everyone seems to be so helpful here that I figured asking would help more than trying different stuff out during raids. :)

We are currently working on H. Maloriak and I was looking for ideas on how to keep dps up when the vile swills spawn. My dps is great until that point. Our strat is to have our tank gather them on the wall to the right of the stairs and start kiting them towards the stairs and eventually across to the opposite side. I know that standing behind them is nearly impossible due to sludge spawning, and black stuff = really bad. (Duh, lol). I've tried putting Rake up on each and Mangle when needed to keep 4piece buff. I've also tried targeting just one at a time, but compared to others in the raid, this kitty is not doing so hot. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. If you would like to see logs, I can post them when I'm on a computer that lets me.

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Re: H. Maloriak

Post by Apho » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:11 pm

The kitty isn't going to do very well on that fight. There's no way around it.

The best thing to do, is basically:

Shred/Mangle to 4cp

tab, repeat.

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Re: H. Maloriak

Post by Sylvaneart » Wed Mar 30, 2011 12:33 pm

Our AOE is bad plain and simple. We have a DK tank, War tank, and a Paly tank. All have DPS OS and are fully geared. We looked at WoL and state of DPS and the Paly and feral are bottom feeders. So we decided I would tank boss, paly on adds and let the DK and War DPS this fight. It is working. But that might not be an option to you. The main thing is doing as much damage as you can. If it is AOE or single target at the end of the fight which ever one caused more damage to the things is best.
When i was DPS this is what i tried.
1. What i tried was saving beserk so i could swipe the mobs. After Beserk hit TF for a couple more. 2. Used Beserk to get mangle+rake on every mob then pick 1 and single target it.

Single target.
Single target what can i say besides single target.

What i found was there just arn't enough mobs to swipe spam them effectivly. The multidot approach yeilded the highest DPS but could be very hard to get going. (you can NOT maintain it). The single target approach worked well but make sure your tank marks which add becouse while he is attempting an AOE threat rotation you will pull doing single target. All in all there just isn't a good thing right now.
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Re: H. Maloriak

Post by Andolie » Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:43 pm

Thank you Sylvaneart and Apho.

After all that I've read here, I had the sinking feeling that would be the response. It's frustrating since I've done excellent dps on normal. I have rep to keep up as the only raiding kitty.

I've normally saved Berserk for the aberrations in green phase when there are more adds and swipe seems to be a little more viable. I could be wrong in that line of thinking. I'll definitely look into it.

As for the tanking, again, I'll have to check into it. We normally have a bear and dk. Our bear usually tanks the adds, so maybe we can let the dk dps if he's got the os for it. I'm talented pure kitty and I've been working on healing as os since we already have a boomkin os as bear. Would I even be able to tank this without having to change my talents? (I'm guessing I'd have to change them.)

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Re: H. Maloriak

Post by Tinderhoof » Wed Mar 30, 2011 2:56 pm

I have done this fight serveral times and its pretty rough for us. There is a few things I have done to make it easier.

1. I switch glyph of Tigers Fury for glyph of Berserk.
2. I Bersker right at the start of the fight. There will be time to finish the extended one before to many adds are out (giving time for the add tank to pick them up.
3. I Mangle/Rake/Rip each add starting with the add the tank has marked as the kill target.
4. I reforged to get as close to the hit cap as possible only reforging Crit or Haste. Trying to get a Mangle up on each target and having it miss 3 times in a row sucks. Because you have to be in front a lot getting parried will already be enough of an issue.
5. I save my second and third Berserk for the green add phase. Right before the phase starts I make sure T11 4p bonus is refreshed, I feral charge the add pack. I hit ravage and 2 swipes, then hit TF and berserk and swipe spam till most are dead and shred the crap out of what's left.

Because the black adds take so long to kill blowing Berserk on them will leave you energy starved for a good while. This is further compounded by how often we have to move out of melee range and how bad our target switching is. The green adds on the other hand have to die VERY quickly and your energy should be running out around them being almost dead. On top of that your damage is being buffed for the duration of the slime which will give your berserk far more milage. Hope that helps.

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