Mangle suggestion - needed opinion

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Mangle suggestion - needed opinion

Post by godlike » Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:28 am

a fellow druid on server recommended me here - and i must say, i really liked it here

just wanna hear some pro druid's thinking/reasoning on this

as a long time bear/cat druid myself - ever since mangle is brought into play, i'm constantly struggling between using that or shred

granted we should use shred on every chance we can - but i always felt that mangle is way under-utilized.

i have suggested - that perhaps mangle could, like shred, benefit from the 'debuff' as well.

i was thinking that:

1, it would make mangle much more valuable when we cant shred, since not everytime we can get behind target (pvp in mind).

i'm not sure how much extra DPS shred gets from mangle debuff, but if its 30% extra - thats alot to lose when we 'had' to mangle coz we cant shred.

2, it would at least be a attractive 'option' for those who just hate positional requirement

i have posted my idea on mangle on the official forums before - and lets just say the hostility and outright rejection is not really helping, esp when most simply just put 'no' as answer without any explaining on why

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Re: Mangle suggestion - needed opinion

Post by Konungr » Wed Jul 13, 2011 8:51 am

There is no problem with the positional requirement, other than, for PVE, where on some bosses it can be hard (Al'Akir) and due to lack of use of Glyph of Shred, our rotation gets extremely short-windowed and aggravating.

Right now, not taking Glyph of Shred into account, Mangle is 36% less damage and 25% less DPE than Shred, (Mangle & Rend and Tear).

The only change I think needs to happen is they need to buff Claw to Mangle's damage output, same cost, no debuff, and no combo points, so we have a valid way of switching to adds, like Staghelm's Spirit's, and can put some dps into them without losing all our CPs on Staghelm (that we can't get back if they are killed a fraction of a second before you have enough energy to use a finisher.

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