"A more powerful spell is already active" - grrrrrrrr

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"A more powerful spell is already active" - grrrrrrrr

Post by Feralbutfun » Sun May 29, 2011 7:52 am

Hey all. I normally tank as a druid, but in the last few weeks or so I've been doing a lot more feral DPS and have been loving every single second of it. However, on some encounters where I'm striving to refresh (if not reapply) a 5-point rip to a target before it either disappears from range or I switch to another target, I get that message. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to avoid this predicament?

These are the examples that frustrate me the most:

1) ODC - before a golem switch
2) Magmaw - trying to refresh rip on Magmaw-proper before the exposed head
3) Atra - trying to refresh rip before he takes off
4) V&T - trying to refresh rip before a dragon switch

Thanks in advance, not just for any responses, but for fostering such a great community here at FD.

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Re: "A more powerful spell is already active" - grrrrrrrr

Post by Searinox » Sun May 29, 2011 9:14 am

Your issue is both a blessing and a curse, and its cause is reapplying Rip while Tiger's Fury is active. TF increases Rip's damage by 15% and thus the warning prevents you from clipping possible worthwhile superior ticks of Rip with a refreshed, inferior Rip. The Rip, and all bleed dots, continue to deal damage calculated with the buffs/debuffs you had on yourself at the moment you applied it, even if the effect(s) drops off you.

When summed up, the advantages of this error are marginal and reserved only to the less experienced. For the more experienced players, it will cause more issues than it fixes. Currently it is a well-known and reported issue, but because of its marginal benefits, it is more likely to be overlooked by Blizzard.

Another big problem of this Rip+TF superiority flag is its inconsistency. Outside of the mentioned case, it does not repeat in any other circumstance where bleed damage is enhanced by some other proc or shortlived buff. Rake+TF for example can be refreshed by simple Rake with no problem. Likewise, Rip enhanced by any other buff will not be counted as superior either. Rip+TF remains the one and only instance of a buffed bleed counted as superior/unrefreshable.

On all examples except 3, you are at an advantage. You can pick another target and Feral Charge then Ravage for 0 energy, effectively recovering 3 seconds of lost DPS. Furthermore no matter how small, you will have a DPS increase from attacking one target while your dots continue to tick on the old one.

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Re: "A more powerful spell is already active" - grrrrrrrr

Post by Beanna » Sun May 29, 2011 12:02 pm

I just did some tests right now, it seems that you are completely able to refresh Rip over a TF'ed Rip without having the "A more powerful spell is already active" message. This error only occurs when you try to re-apply a Rip over a Rip which has a supperior amount of AP like during a proc, during a Tol'vir potion or Synapse Springs for exemple.
Procs like "Twisted" from "Essence of the Cyclone" doesn't produce any error neither. It is only affected by AP (AP/STR/AGI) and completely ignore +%dmgs effects or hast/crit buffs.

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Re: "A more powerful spell is already active" - grrrrrrrr

Post by Floofles » Sun May 29, 2011 7:36 pm

If you have this issue frequently on the pull, then apply your first rip with 2 stacks of SotP.

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Re: "A more powerful spell is already active" - grrrrrrrr

Post by ShmooDude » Mon May 30, 2011 2:38 am

As a poster above said, I'm pretty sure that you only get that error if your AP is lower than the original Rip.

If its a problem for you, get rid of all potential Str/Agi/AP procs (Synapse Springs, Trinket Procs, etc). Tier bonus should be ok as its fairly easy to keep up and if it does drop you're likely not refreshing a Rip anyhow. I'd be willing to bet that your problem is Synapse Springs, by not using it I can refresh Rip all day long (granted I'm not in a raid, I'm on a target dummy). As long as you're not losing buffs in raid (specifically the Str/Agi buff or the 10% AP buff) you should be fine.

It will still produce an error after your Tol'vir potion drops (assuming you use one) but so long as you're conscious of it (you know its coming), this should be workable.

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