Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

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Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

Post by BigTwoHorns » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:01 pm

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So as I started on TFD with little clue as to the extent of our class and mechanics I have found and have been given a multitude of resources to help me learn and with that I would like to share this information with any of you searching for the same answers. TFD covers mostly Feral play so that is what this Info will be for. It is almost all based on 4.1 and I will try to edit any info when 4.2 hits. This is not a "guide". What I would like to see with this thread is kind of a "One stop shop" for New Ferals (and old) for links and info instead of having to search the Intranet up and down for the answers they need. With that said, if you have any links, ideas or general info that you would like to share than post or PM me and I will add it. Thank You.

P.S. If you find The Fluid Druid or this post helpful than take a minute to sign up. It's easy, quick and gives you access to post on topics like this one.

Starters - Some of the basic info and guides for Feral Druids.
(First and foremost is the FluidDruid main page. Browse the main page or check out the links provided on the right. Alaron and the moderators on TFD have supplied a lot of information for us to check out and help us on our way)
(4.0.1 Cataclysm Feral Guide by Alaron on TFD Main Page)
(Thread provided by Mihir here on TFD. This his own Feral guide on MMO champion, Thanks Mihir!) (4.1)
(Old but has the basic concept for leveling a fresh druid) (Outdated)
(A lot of info found in this thread was pulled from this link, I do not take credit for the OP's efforts.) (4.1)
(Linked on the Fluid Druid Home page but thought I would link it here as well) (Outdate)

Abilities- Druid Abilities
(Wowheads Druid page with abilities list)

Gear - What we can and can't use.
  • Druids are able to wear cloth and leather armor only. Druids start out with different weapons depending on race; night elves begin knowing staves and daggers, while tauren begin with staves and one handed maces. Beyond that, Druids can learn to fight with:

    One-handed Mace
    Two-handed Mace
    Fist weapon
    Druids cannot use shields (but in bear form their armor is as high as though they had one), and they cannot dual wield. "Held in off-hand" items can still be used. This leads to Druids using either a two-handed weapon, or a 1H + off-hand item.

    Druids do not wear Plate or Mail Armor.

    Our DPS scales with the weapons damage. As opposed to other classes the damage on the weapon is the only stat that we want to worry about.
Here is a post on the site forums by Konungr. (4.2) And a discussion on TFD about his post. Talents-
  • Primal Madness - This talent is included because it does provides a DPS increase. However, it is difficult to get the most out of it and the DPS gains are very small, so this will probably be the first talent to go if you need more talent point.

    Brutal Impact - Several raid encounters are now designed with all melee classes bringing a 10s interrupt, so there is a good chance your raid would require you to have this.

    Nurturing Instinct- Significantly improves your survivability.

    Survival Instinct - Significantly improves your survivability.
Stats- Stats based on what is best for Feral Druids.
  • Here is a link to a post on the Fluid Druid Home page by Qbear. (Thanks Q, it helped me understand better) ... ums-vol-1/
    • These stats are arranged in rough (but not absolute) order of priority

      Weapon DPS - Directly scales white damage, Fury Swipes, Swipe, Ravage, Mangle and Shred. Weapon damage is normalized to 1.0 second atttack speed, so weapon speed and damage range are irrelevant - only Weapon DPS matters. Weapon upgrades generally provides us with our largest DPS increase.

      Agility - While Weapon DPS is linked to the item level of our weapon, Agility is the best stat that we can choose to have. Just about all of our gear should have Agility on it and Agility is the stat that we want to gem and enchant for. 1 Agility = 2 Attack Power (3.335063 with talents and buff), 324.8536 Agility = 1% Critical Strike Chance

      Strength - Grants flat attack power. Strength is no longer available on leather. While this is a good stat, Agility is still far better. Generally, we should not use items with Strength on it unless it is replacing an item of significantly lower Item Level. 1 Strength = 2 Attack Power (3.17625 with talents and buffs)

      Mastery Rating - Increases the damage of our bleeds. This is our strongest secondary stat, and the stat that we will be reforging towards. 179.2801 Mastery Rating = 1 Mastery (+3.125% bleed damage)

      Critical Strike Rating - Crit Rating provides a little more chance to crit per point than agility, and is usually tied with, or very close to, Haste Rating as our second best stat. This talent is very strong at lower levels of gear where we want to generate more combo points, however it gets weaker at higher levels of gear where combo points are less important and we start to approach the crit cap. 179.2801 Critical Strike Rating = 1% Critical Strike Chance.

      Haste Rating - Increases white damage and energy regeneration rate. Indirectly increases the proc rates of procable effects like Omen of Clarity and trinket / weapon enchant procs. This stat tend to become stronger at higher levels of gear as it provides us more energy and Omen of Clarity to perform more Shreds. 128.0572 Haste Rating = 1% Haste.

      Hit Rating - Reduces your chance to miss. Misses (and dodges) do not hurt us very much because we get an 80% energy refund on the energy spent when those happen. Generally, we would prefer to have our secondary stats in one of the above 3 stats. In 4.1, we no longer need to have Hit Rating to be able to successfully interrupt enemy spellcasting. 120.109 Hit Rating = 1% Hit. The Hit Cap vs Boss mobs is 961 Hit Rating

      Expertise rating - Expertise has exactly the same DPS value as Hit, and does the same thing except it reduces Dodges instead of Miss. Expertise however doubles in value in certain encounters where you are unable to attack from the rear of the target, because it also reduces Parry by the same amount. 120.1088 Expertise Rating = -1% Dodge. The soft Expertise cap is 781 Expertise Rating to negates all Dodge. It requires 1682 Expertise Rating to negate all Parry, but you should not try to target that.
    Generally, we should only use gear that has Agility on it,. When appraising gear for Cat DPS, there are a few things to look out for though:

    Secondary Stats - Mastery is our best Secondary Stat, followed by Critical Strike and Haste.

    The preference for secondary stats on an item goes by this order:
    • 1. Mastery and Crit/Haste
      2. Mastery and Hit/Expertise
      3. Crit and Haste
      4. Crit/Haste and Hit/Expertise
      5. Others

      Items with Strength - If the item with Strength is a full tier (13 iLevels) better than the item with Agility, they will be of roughly equivalent value, so we should compare the secondary stats on the item. Note that this does not apply to weapons - the Strength weapon will always be better than an Agility weapon that is 13 iLevels worse.

      Gem Slots - Generally, items with more gem slots are slightly better than items with less. Red gem slots are preferred, while yellow slots are slightly better than blue slots. We should generally not use a helm that does not have a metagem slot unless there is no alternative of the same Item Level.

      Trinkets - Generally, trinkets that give straight Agility are better than trinkets that give other stats. However, some trinkets either proc Agility bonuses (e.g. Tia's Grace, Fluid Death, Key to the Endless Chamber) or Weapon Damage bonus (e.g. Unheeded Warning) which make them significantly better than other Agility trinkets of the same iLevel.
Glyphs- Prime, Major, Minor
  • (What are Glyphs?)
    Glyph of Rip and Glyph of Shred are by far the best Glyphs. Glyph of Tiger's Fury and Glyph of Berserk are pretty close together in third place - the better one is often dependant on the actual duration of the fight.

    Glyph of Rip - This is by far the most powerful of the Prime Glyphs, as Rip does ~22% of our total damage, second only behind Shred.

    Glyph of Shred - This is our second most powerful Prime Glyph. Shred and Rip together make up for ~50% of our total damage.

    Glyph of Berserk - This is a solid DPS boost, assuming you maximize the use of your Berserks. This Glyph shines in a fight where there is a burn phase (or even multiple burn phases like Magmaw), so this Glyph can be seen to have slightly more utility than Glyph of Tiger’s Fury

    Glyph of Tiger's Fury - A solid DPS boost at level 85 assuming perfect play. The actual DPS gained from this glyph is highly dependant on using Tiger’s Fury as often as possible.

    Glyph of Savage Roar - Increase Savage Roar’s buff on white autoattack damage from 50% to 55%. This is a simple DPS increase as long as you keep the Savage Roar buff up.

    Glyph of Mangle - Mangle is an ability that you will only use once every 60 (26 with 4T11) seconds, therefore it is the weakest of the Prime Glyphs listed here. It may situationally be useful though, for the few encounters where you are unable to get behind the target.

    Most Major Glyphs do not directly affect your DPS, but increase Quality of Life. The first three glyphs listed here are the recommended ones.

    Glyph of Feral Charge - Gives you slightly more time on target, and increased mobility is always welcomed. Also gives a slight DPS increase by allowing you to take advantage of the Stampede talent more often.

    Glyph of Faerie Fire - Minor quality of life increase. Being able to apply the Major Armor debuff from 40 yards away is rather nice.

    Glyph of Rebirth - A strong contender due to in-combat resurrection abilities being far more precious in Cataclysm than previously.

    Glyph of Ferocious Bite - This glyph is a DPS loss. DO NOT use this glyph.

    Minor glyphs do not really matter, but often increases Quality of Life outside of raids or dungeons. One glyph does help mobility though:

    Glyph of Dash - Reduces the cooldown of your Dash ability by 20%. More time on target, assuming a long encounter with a high mobility component.
  • The consensus is that you want to Gem for as much Agility as possible. I am by far not the first person to ask about gemming and what to use and there are different ideals of what is and isn't best. There are plenty of posts on these forums and the main page concerning gemming. I'm sure someone here can link something

Professions - Links ( Forums for Profesions) (Wowhead Professions and Skills page)

MEW- World of Warcraft Feral Druid Model

I do not know much about MEW but there are numerous threads on TFD discussing MEW and what it does. If anyone can supply a kind of "How To" link on MEW I will post it here. Thanks

Off Topic: Googling "Resources for New Ferals" brings this post up on top. Awesome, though it jumps straight to Konungr's Post when opened it still "Get's em' in". /Cheer
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Re: Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

Post by Tavi » Wed Jun 15, 2011 3:42 pm

New Ferals? hows about 6 months from now so my competition for the the kittystaff doesn't increase!

Kinda sorta joking. >.>

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Re: Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

Post by BigTwoHorns » Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:17 pm

I'm sure you will have your staff soon enough and the chances of a bunch of ferals running your realm with help from my little thread will be slim to none.

As for the Staff in question a thread can be found here on TFD.
I would appreciate only constructive posts, Thank You.
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Re: Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

Post by Alaron » Wed Jun 15, 2011 4:53 pm

Think Tavi was joking, BTH ;)

Welcome, BTW, still meeting lots of new people on the forums since I've been gone so long. You've got a good start on some information here; thanks for sharing.

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Re: Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

Post by Mihir » Thu Jun 16, 2011 10:08 am

could add my mmo-champ guide as well to the links at the top - ... sm-Edition
always tons of ppl around there to give their opinion

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Re: Resources For New Ferals A Work In Progress

Post by BigTwoHorns » Thu Jun 16, 2011 11:21 am

Done, Thank you for the input! Very nice Guide!
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