4.2 faction / gear priorities for Kitties

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4.2 faction / gear priorities for Kitties

Post by Grenache » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:00 pm

Hi folks,

Just wondering if anyone has compiled a list of items that us feral-types will want to chase down in 4.2. Apart from the T12 raid content, I’m looking at the huge amount of dailies required for faction rewards and I’m wondering if it’s worth it (I have several kitties and I’m hearing that the max ILvL for these is only 365 and I’m considering not bothering - or not rushing to do it anyhow).

Just interested in what people are considering the highest priority items to get in the first 3-4 weeks of 4.2

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Re: 4.2 priorities for Kitties

Post by Konungr » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:04 pm

The iLvl on the gear from the dailies is only 365 and kinda not worth it. http://ptr.wowhead.com/guide=4.2&quests ... e-ancients shows all the stuff you can get, scroll to middle (Rewards), choose Physical DPS. From all preliminary Mew Simulations across a varying array of fights: Patchwerk and several Atramedes type fights, Hit/Exp > Mastery > Haste/Crit looks to be one of the most constant best strategies.

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Re: 4.2 faction / gear priorities for Kitties

Post by shinryu » Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:53 pm

It all really depends on what your gearing is as well. Personally I'd aim for the Moonwell first and foremost; it offers a 365 ring and 365 relic up for grabs, the relic especially is nice as there's no upgrades over the 359 one till you work up VP again (unless you were stingy with vp initially and bought the 365 pvp one like I did lol), and the ring is always nice as the heroic bosses that drop rings aren't the easiest, which you may or may not have down, and can compliment the other 365 ring you'll get just through progressing to the Moonwell point. You also get the chair and pet as well if you're into vanity items, and new LW patterns for bags too.

Call of the Ancients is pretty worthless, it offers a 365 glove but odds are you're already using the tier, so unless you're sitting awkwardly at 3/5 potential pieces for t11 and can ditch the gloves, I wouldn't bother. They offer 2 vanity items as well, which you may/may not care about.

Additional Armaments is largely worthless as well come to think of it, it offers a 365 trinket but it's very bad in comparison to t11 ones, if you have a blue 346 or whatever not named Tia's Grace then it might be an upgrade, but yeah...that horrible (not to mention there's no reason you shouldn't be rocking FD/UW at the very least, given FD can be bought with JP and UW is dirt cheap on most servers, even more after the patch). If you're a BS for whatever odd reason on your druid it could be worth starting over the Ancients as you'll get your BS patterns and one of them is a decent polearm (basically inbetween reg and heroic Malevolence), or if you have Engineering that's more stuff for you to make/sell.

So yeah...I'd go with the above order I listed unless you have BS, which then comes down to if you want to make money or not; if you want to take advantage of the initial rush, feel free to do the Armorer ones first, then Moonwell and Ancients. But really though, none of them besides Moonwell offer that great of a reward in terms of upgrades, and none of them at all offer anything if you're heroic geared in rings, gloves, and trinket. Even the questline with Thrall that gives a 365 cloak, while nicely optimized, is meh if you can down H Maloriak as he offers the 372 Biting Chill.

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