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Post by Blufyre » Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:47 pm

Hi folks

Over the years I have been using a number of mods to track my buffs and debuffs, such as Elkanos Buff Bars and Satrina Buff Frames, but having done a lot of UI tweakin recently I wanted to be a bit more exacting about what buff/debuff I show where and when. I also want to track some buffs and debuffs from my target and focus as well as myself. I am using pitbull 4 and I love it but the buff options are pretty limited, hence looking for a more specific addon to do the job. I also know you can use grid for buffs tracking etc. but there are other things I can do with pitbull that I can't do with grid that suit my UI right now so have been looking for alternatives.. I've just downloaded Auracle and it looks ideal for my needs. However, before I spend hours setting it up just so I thought I'd see whether anyone has configured auracle for Feral (Bear and Cat) before and where anyone has any tips.

All suggestions much appreciated.

Alaron - have you thought about creating a UI section. There seem to be an increasing number if UI related posts. Just a thought ;)

Thanks all


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Re: Auracle

Post by Alaron » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:28 pm


I use a combination of RaidBuffStatus for prepull stuff and Elkano's, but I've always felt I could do some more in this area, especially for displaying target buffs/debuffs.

Your idea about a UI forum is good, and I have a few plans for the forums (mainly, move all the strategy guides and such off the blog and into the forums, to make updates/finding them easier) but that's probably not going to happen until at least next week.

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Re: Auracle

Post by Captain Fizz » Tue Jul 06, 2010 9:20 am

Not tried Auracle - Will give it a gander :)

This is an old UI piccie but shows Elkano's the way I have it setup...

Left is minor armour debuff + Mangle/trauma from any source (Do I need to apply anything)
Middle is my bleeds + SR (SR own colour, bleeds above)
Right is debuffs, more tanking based ones. (Sunder / Demo roar/shout / CoW / TC or IW etc)

That's all I really need to see.
(It's smaller on the newer UI too)

Just trinkets etc need to be separate as Elkano's doesn't monitor trinkets.

So the only tips I can give is ensuring they are laid out logically.
Just SR/Bleeds in the central area... Up to you if you never tank then probably only need 2, include sunder etc in the debuffs section.

I like having just FFF/Mangle or trauma in the left so I know at a glance if there's red + blue, all debuffs I can do are up.

Have the focus ones next to the focus area.

Also filter out the tripe you don't need. Do you care if CoA is on focus target? If so, display it, if not - Only display what you need.

Will have a gander with auracle tho :P
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Re: Auracle

Post by Nich » Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:41 pm

I've played with auracle for the last 6 months, and that's the state I've left it in. I didn't find/notice a way to show how many shreds had been used on rip to extend it, which was my only real gripe.


Top bar is raid-wide stat buffs. Bar below that are raid-wide debuffs. Both with a DPS focus.

The bottom left bar show debuffs I want to see up when tanking, and the bottom right bar was an attempt to make a cat-specific debuff bar showing bleeds, which I don't use but have been too lazy to remove.

As a general 'what buffs and debuffs are up on me and my target' tracker, I love it. As a druid specific tracker, I'm ambivalent. It works, but there are better things out there.

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Re: Auracle

Post by Blufyre » Fri Jul 30, 2010 8:44 pm

Thanks Folks - I have abandoned auracle for the moment. As Nich has said, I've found it ok but not great. Am in the gradual process of tweaking Satrina and Power Auras into what suits me best as a balance of the two is looking like where I wanna be. Might post a screenshot once I have it right. Cheers again.


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