Gemming questions and some other things.

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Gemming questions and some other things.

Post by Xube » Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:43 pm

A few questions,

1. It is understood that agility is what i want to be gemming. Now what socket bonuses are worth taking +180 agi only? or should it be a little lower?

2. i have most 489's some 496 pieces - i just picked up the 2 piece tier LFR, is it worth taking? i am one piece away from 4 piece tier is that worth taking? to downgrade all that for 476 or 483.

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Re: Gemming questions and some other things.

Post by aggixx » Fri Dec 07, 2012 5:25 am

1. Generally you want to match the sockets if at least one of the sockets is red or if the socket bonus is agility.

2. In my experience the 4 piece is always worth taking unless you're massively downgrading (like if you were going from all normal pieces to 4 LFR pieces). Downgrading for the 2p is questionable, I would guess in your case probably not, but if you want a for sure answer you should try simulating the two options using SimulationCraft.

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