Force of Nature

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Force of Nature

Post by Etapicx » Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:38 pm

Force of Nature.

Dose scale good with Attack Power/Agility procs do snapshot, Do snapshot buffs when summoned and won't be affected if any buffs fades during their durutation; In short works like a DoT. They do not benefit from Tiger's Fury But is benefiting from Nature's Vigil, Don't know if they are affected by banner/stormlash/heroism. My imagination would be that enginners have a bonus to be able to saftely pop them with Synapse Springs.

So i did some testing on live and LFR and for this test i was only in cat form with SR without any other buffs
Live(Full duratation damage): 86k (1 appliction) 181k (2 appliction) 264k (3rd appliction)
PTR(Full duratation damage): 162k (1 appliction) 351k (2 applictions) 534k (3rd appliction)

Edit: Question is how good is SofT... Generally my thought was that we'll get better gear and new tier bonuses in the next patch that will change the game for us for instance we won't rely on SofT to be able to have energy regen good enought to execute DoC because the tier bonus will do that for us.

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Re: Force of Nature

Post by raffy » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:01 pm

I haven't implemented FoN in Catus (my sim) and I don't know how accurate simc's FoN implementation is, but even with the 5.2 buffs, it seems impossible for FoN to be competitive with SotF.
1. Pet AI is terrible (if you mistarget, they'll just hug you for a bit before doing something)
2. They use a stun (so obviously PvP oriented)

According to the sims, SotF is almost as much energy regen as TF. It also helps smooth the rotation (free finishers = less waiting) so it's easier to apply/refresh things when you need to. SotF helps FB spam during BitW. Anything with a target swap would make FoN worse and at the same time buff SotF due to increased finisher use.

Has there been Blizzard posts about any FoN implementation details? or how they scale? My speculation is pointless and a quick sim could give you the answer pretty easily.

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Re: Force of Nature

Post by aggixx » Mon Jan 14, 2013 11:07 pm

Ferocious Bite scaling will skyrocket with the 4pc and a pooling DoC rotation, especially with the ease that you can pool to the full 50 in BitW range. As far as I know the FoN implementation in SimC is accurate, although we don't know any specifics on the new scaling yet of course.

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