Should I gem all ArPen? Need a second opinion

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Should I gem all ArPen? Need a second opinion

Post by Andanas » Tue Jun 29, 2010 10:25 pm

This past Saturday I finally received Deathbringer's Will, and re-gemmed to ArPen. I didn't re-gem everything to ArPen, as you can see by my Armory Profile: ... cn=Andanas

With the trinket, and the ArPen re-gemming, I had 12.2k DPS on Festergut ( ... 585&e=8875). After the raid I decided to run a Sim Craft test on having all gems ArPen. I made a all ArPen gems profile on wowhead (, and ran Sim Craft. The result was 11226dps vs 11201dps with just the gemming I have now. The increase is very small, but it's an increase.

Here's my dilemma, while gemming all for ArPen puts me at 1291 ArPen (with food buff), my hit drops to below 4%, and my expertise down to 21. I know being hit & expertise capped isn't that critical, but I also no those stats become more valuable with more ArPen. And having my hit below 4% kinda worries me.

So I'm wondering what your opinion is. As far as gear availability, we're working on LK N10, and sometimes we get to Rotface in N25.


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Re: Should I gem all ArPen? Need a second opinion

Post by Alaron » Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:03 pm

The difference is pretty marginal, as you said. I wouldn't worry overmuch about going all ArPen gemming, especially with the new ArPen trinket in RS.

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