LFR Weapons - T14 or T15

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LFR Weapons - T14 or T15

Post by Catophena » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:07 pm

Curious if anyone has thought about what would be better for DPS:

* T14 LFR Staff + 2 upgrades + legendary gem (ilvl 491 + 500 agi gem); or

* T15 LFR Weapon not upgradeable, no gem (ilvl 502)

Are the 11 ilvls of weapon DPS better than the approximately 300 more agility the LFR weap will have.


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Re: LFR Weapons - T14 or T15

Post by Anjuk » Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:34 pm

A 502 polearm should have something like 1294 Agi and 4725 dps (see, for example, the heroic Screaming Tiger).

A maxed out LFR Gao-Rei has 1827 Agi and 4265 dps (assuming both a Sha-touched gem and the prismatic socket with a Delicate gem).

So is 533 Agi worth more or less than 460 weapon dps? (I'm ignoring secondary stats because the differences aren't huge, and they're reforgeable anyway). Sim it yourself, or take a look at Aggixx's talent/trinket sticky. Glancing at Aggixx's tables, I'd guess that for NV builds the T15 LFR weapon might be better, but not by much. But for either DoC or HotW, we'll be sticking with our Gao-Rei if we have one.

This is all irrelevant if you think you'll have access to a normal mode T15 weapon. And it's even more irrelevant if RNG loot drops are messing with you -- use whatcha got:)

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Re: LFR Weapons - T14 or T15

Post by aggixx » Wed Jan 30, 2013 12:10 pm

Yeah, difference between the two is probably very small. Spend your tokens on other items than a weapon in LFR.

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