Heroiic Progression Order? 16/16, 1/16... which next?

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Heroiic Progression Order? 16/16, 1/16... which next?

Post by adianar » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:38 pm

We're newly 16/16 and Dogs died fast with Feng nearly dying as well the first hour of heroics. After H Feng is dead, where do we go next? Most seem to run through MV except spirit kings? Early bosses in HoF? Protectors heroic? Lei Shi heroic?

We're 2x 10's trying to knock out and farm as much as we can raiding 4 days a week.



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Re: Heroiic Progression Order? 16/16, 1/16... which next?

Post by Vaporgriffin » Tue Feb 12, 2013 6:47 pm

If you check wowprogress.com you can get a bit of an idea of which bosses are easier based on which ones have more kills logged and sort of go from there.

My guild was already done with Stone Guard, Feng and Gara'jal when I joined, but we proceeded through Elegon, Blade Lord, Wind Lord, Spirit Kings, Will of the Emperor, Garalon and Lei Shi is the one we're currently working on.

Elegon and Blade Lord are both simple transitions as the new mechanics aren't terribly difficult. Wind Lord is a fight that is simpler to some extent on heroic as the healing is less intensive towards the end of the fight compared with normal mode.

I think Spirit Kings is definitely easier than Will - the way I would describe it is that Spirit Kings requires the full raid group to pay full attention for the first 25-30% of the fight, then it's business as usual with some occasional awareness checks. Will requires nearly the full raid group to pay attention and be fully aware of what's going on for the whole fight - unless you're a tank, you don't really get to autopilot much. That said, we did it on 25m, so you very well may find it easier to manage on 10m - same with keeping people coordinated on Spirit Kings.

Also I missed that you said Elite Protectors - if you can kill other heroics, you can do Elite Protectors no sweat - I wouldn't even consider it a heroic level fight, just a slightly tougher normal that gives great gear.

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Re: Heroiic Progression Order? 16/16, 1/16... which next?

Post by kaiadam » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:41 pm

My difficulty list from easiest to hardest:

Dogs = Feng
Blade Lord
Will of the Emperors (sadly have to wait until spirit kings is dead)
Wind Lord
Spirit kings = Garalon (one is execution, other is numbers)
Lei Shi
Grand Vizier
Grand Empress
Elite protectors

I run with four different groups with varying levels of heroic bosses killed ranging from 4-16, and those are my rough feelings for difficulty (as measured by pulls until first kill.)

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