Tier 3/5 Talents for Challenge modes

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Tier 3/5 Talents for Challenge modes

Post by Sabrac » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:58 am


Searched around the forum a bit for challenge mode infor but found surprisingly little (could be my lack of search skills).
Anyway, this is about our tier 3 and tier 5 talents.
My guild has started running challenge modes and for now we got 6 people (rotated) for our team

1) DK tank
2) Holy paladin or Resto Druid
3) Retri paladin or Balance druid (depends on #2)
4) Affliction lock
5) Elemental Shaman
6) Feral druid (me).

Our initial goal for now is to get everything on silver and slowly work our way to Gold.
For this i've already set up some macros that will make me heal the tank using PS Healing Touch.

However on some packs the tank seems to drop rather quickly and to ease out the healing stress (even more) i was wondering which talents would be best for a feral dps to have in a challenge mode.

Currently this is how I see it,

First of all Tier 3:

Faerie Swarm: Doesn't look all that interesting to me, although if the effect would have been mass aoe (everyone gets faerie fire applied) it could be of some use to get groups down quickers

Mass Entanglement: Has some use if the tank needs a small break, however you'll have to communicate this with the tank so the entangle doesnt break right away. Useless vs ranged.

Typhoon: Knocks all mobs back, giving your healer some time to top off the tank again, however has the chance of knocking the mobs into another group. Also a good way to mass interrupt.

In my own opinion, typhoon is more usefull than ME, while FS is completely useless. Although it does require being carefull where you aim your typhoon.

Second, Tier 5:

Disorienting Roar: 10 seconds of mobs doing nothing, however with a DK tank with diseases, the dmg from these will break them quickly, could be viable as a mass interrupt?

Ursol's Vortex: Same as with Typhoon / ME, it gives the tank some time to catch his breath by keeping all mobs in place, has less effect on Ranged unless LoS'ed.. after 10 sec all mobs are pulled to the center (if they havent already), which could function as an Interrupt for casters.

Mighty Bash: Stuns 1 target for 5 seconds, handy for hard hitting mobs, but considering most of the challenge modes is about getting packs down quick, i don't see much use for this.

In my own opinion, i'd take UV, having the chance to interrupt casters but also to keep mobs at a spot when the tank goes out of LoS.


My question to you all, which talents would you pick and why? Have I forgotten anything in my assesment?
Plus as a bonus, are there any other usefull macros i could use to assist the healer while dps'ing so we can handle more packs at once?

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Re: Tier 3/5 Talents for Challenge modes

Post by adianar » Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:34 pm

We've begun the same thing lately. Several silvers thus far. I'm using Typhoon and UV and both seem useful. It's mostly about keeping the adds distracted and both work well. Make sure you don't Typhoon too early before your tank has good aggro on all parties of a mob pack. You don't want them getting blown around, then retarget someone else. Your tank won't be happy!


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Re: Tier 3/5 Talents for Challenge modes

Post by Jaymzhendo » Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:06 pm

In my limited experience (3 silvers remain for title on my druid and just some bronzes on my Prot Pally) I'd say that it really heavily depends on the dungeon and the pulls. I've personally found that I use Mighty Bash more often to "interrupt" a single caster while burning down another, or most often for stunning pesky spinning melee mobs. For example on both - the first pull(s) in MoguPalace.
I also think it will depend heavily on your group, even changing one person out or into a different role will make you change your mind several times. For example - Having the boomkin use solar beam, and you giving the shammy solar beam will mostly eliminate the need to interrupt at all, provided your tank keeps the mobs in the beam. Again using the first pulls in MSP as an example this means that using Mighty Bash to stun the spinning mobs is by far the most beneficial of the choices, at least imo.

TL;DR - it's going to depend too heavily on your group and when each of them uses their CDs. There isn't a "right" answer until you discuss it and plan it with your group.

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Re: Tier 3/5 Talents for Challenge modes

Post by kaiadam » Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:49 pm

Typhoon is easily the best choice regardless of scenario. The last thing you want to do in a challenge mode is to not hit things, and that's required to make ME work. To be fair though, I don't use typhoon much either, doing so takes away dps and that is somewhat counter to how challenge modes work.

As for tier 5, it's somewhat of a tossup, but I've never really found vortex to be all that useful, I'd have to agree I use bash more than any of the others.

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Re: Tier 3/5 Talents for Challenge modes

Post by Sabrac » Tue Feb 26, 2013 5:39 am

Having done some more challenge modes, i've noticed that a lot of mobs are immune to the knockback / pull from typhoon and vortex. So i'll be swapping my Vortex to Mighty bash instead. Although during stormstout it was a nice way of keeping all the mobs in the first room clumbed up to ride barrels into them.

So ye, i have to agree with Jaymz, it's too dependent on the encounter and group composition.
last night we had a DK tank (Remorseless winter), Shaman (Stun totem), Balance druid (Solar beam), Again the shaman with Solar beam (Symbioses), plenty of cc's / mass interrupts already, so by the time those are over, usually single mobs are left.

Still, it's a nice way to experiment with multiple talents atleast :)

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