Multi-target fights

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Multi-target fights

Post by ShmooDude » Thu May 16, 2013 10:30 am

Which now adays is most all of em. I do amazing on single target and AoE fights, but not that great on multi-target (not really our forte I know).

Lots of Theorycrafting has been done on single target, but I know of almost none for multi-target. I can think of a TON of situations (been doing heroic horridon so a lot of these have been coming up) that I don't know the best answer.

How many seconds does a 5 point rip need to be up to outperform a 5 point Ferocious Bite?
At what point is Swipe better than Mangle for DPS? (Last I knew the answer was 3 I believe)
At what point is Swipe better than Rake? (not as obvious; like for a 3 target fight, its probably better to rake a single target, in addition to swipe replacing mangle)
Are less than 5 combo point rips ever optimal (when hard switching to a new target, when multi-dotting)
Does multi-dotting even work for ferals? (ie 5 cp rip on target one, switch target, 5 cp rip, switch back kind of thing) If so, what's the best method? (ie is multi-raking many adds with RoO up worth it or not because of the wasted CPs)

Might have more later, but that's all I can think of atm.

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