Question about Bleeds and Haste

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Question about Bleeds and Haste

Post by Mooninites » Sat May 18, 2013 3:48 pm

It might be on here somewhere, although I couldn't find it in any convenient locations, but I have a question. Most DoT classes like Affliction lock and shadow priest are just stacking pure haste. Why doesn't feral? I couldn't find anywhere that says it does or doesn't interact with haste, so I'm going to assume that it does. But it seems relatively weak compared to other Dot classes.

Like I've even read that you should reforge out of haste, currently stat value is something like .38 and crit is like .42 so it's relatively close (the weight being based off Agility as a 1.0 value), and I'm just kind of curious because it also increases our energy regen.

Hopefully someone can clarify this for me, or atleast talk a bit more about haste as a stat

thanks guys

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Re: Question about Bleeds and Haste

Post by Tinderhoof » Sat May 18, 2013 4:17 pm

Only caster DoT's and healer HoT's are boosted by Haste. All Melee DoT's (and our bleeds) do not receive any buff from Haste.

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Re: Question about Bleeds and Haste

Post by aggixx » Tue May 21, 2013 5:22 pm

Each 1000 haste rating increases your DPS via the following mechanics:
  • Autoattack speed: Increases your attack speed by 2.35%. This means that in a 5 minute you will execute 7.05 extra auto attacks.
  • Omen of Clarity procs: More autoattacks means more chances at an Omen of Clarity proc, in a 5 minute fight you will recieve approximately 0.282 extra Omen of Clarity procs.
  • Energy Regen: Increases your energy regen rate by 0.235 energy per second, in a 5 minute fight you will have a total of 70.588 extra energy to spend.
  • RPPM: Increases the amount of RPPM procs you get by 2.35%. This applies to Dancing Steel, the Capacitive Primal Diamond, and any trinket that was added in patch 5.2 except for the VP trinket.
As Tinder mentioned it does NOT affect the frequency that our bleeds tick, that only applies to magical DoTs.

Of the things I listed the last one is by far the most important. The reason you see many other specs of other classes stacking haste is because prior to 5.2 when RPPM effects were introduced in many forms haste was already a fairly competitive stat for them, and the added benefit of increased amounts of procs was enough to push it as their highest stat. For us it was our worst secondary by a pretty decent margin, so haste is only our strongest stat in a very specific scenario: When playing HotW spec with an excessive amount of RPPM effects (At least Weapon + Meta + 1 Trinket).

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