FoN in 5.3

Face-rippin fun.

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FoN in 5.3

Post by raffy » Tue May 21, 2013 6:31 pm

3 charges, 15 sec duration, 20 sec cooldown, off-gcd

I'm told they have a base damage is 3503 and get 120% AP.
Alll pets/guardians are supposed to live update from your stats (rather than snapshot)
I don't know about their crit rate.
I don't know about haste changing their swing timer (possibly every 2sec?).
I don't know if they gain any of our damage modifiers.
(You can probably figure this stuff out with a few minutes on a dummy.)

Anyone done any in-game testing with FoN yet?

I plan on adding this to Catus once I figure out how it works.

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Re: FoN in 5.3

Post by Masticor » Wed May 22, 2013 8:50 am

They definetly do not snapshot. I summoned one while still in humanoid form and it hit for 2.7k and 5.5k crit. I then switched to cat and after 2-3 seconds the hits ramped up to 7.4k 15k crit.

The update seems to react rather slow. Plus I notice the f-ing tree running towards me after the initial stun, then thinking about lunch THEN run towards the target and attack. I don't know it seems very clunky. I am in a highly populated area though. But seeing as some fights like Lei Shen do seem to increase latency Problems I expect this to become an issue. But I don't think they will be viable anyway so ...

I always wanted those treants to be helpfull while tanking but it's sad when you think about them like this: If they were not a talent choice but a baseline ability, almost noone would use them because they are a waste of a gcd ...

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Re: FoN in 5.3

Post by Ptah » Wed May 22, 2013 5:42 pm

FoN is broken - at least the healer form of the talent.

We were tonight in ToT and Jin'rokh the Breaker (HC) kept randomly attacking meeles that were not even high in threat. He just turn away from the tanks and used what ever of his abilities on random meele player. Once he threw our rogue to statue instead of a tank :D. This stopped when our resto druid changed FoN to Incarnation.

Did you see anything like that when you used FoN as feral?

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Re: FoN in 5.3

Post by RareBeast » Wed May 22, 2013 7:27 pm

I saw this mentioned on EJ's as well. Treants targets are getting agro from bosses for some reason lol.

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