Using Catus to plan gemming and reforging strategy

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Using Catus to plan gemming and reforging strategy

Post by CrazyCatLady » Fri May 24, 2013 10:04 am

What is the most efficient way to plan for gemming and reforging when acquiring new gear?

Example: Last night I received a shoulder token, which gives me my 4pc (helm, shoulder, hands, legs). Jin'rokh has been stingy with his helm as our raid has yet to see one drop, ever. We're starting on heroics now so I'm hoping he will drop it soon and then I still need a chest token.

I'm a JC so regemming isn't a cost issue for me when I get new pieces. My question is: when I install a new item on my paperdoll in Catus should I clear all gems and reforges and let the program figure out what's best or should I use my previous gemming strategy and then reforge? Also, if I check the box for can change gems, it will move my JC gems to different slots. Not a huge deal, I can put them where ever once I figure out the rest of the gemming.

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Re: Using Catus to plan gemming and reforging strategy

Post by raffy » Fri May 24, 2013 1:41 pm

If anyone has any questions, comments, bugs or w/e about Catus or Zephyrus, please post them in this thread!
If it's Catus-specific, keep it in the Catus thread.

JC gems (in general) should be put in Prismatic slots so they do not impact your choice for socket bonuses. And you have two: Eye of Black Prince and Belt Buckle.

I will move the "Minimize Cost" feature out of the 1:1:1 Reforger and make it work in general. So it will shuffle your gems around and try to keep as many of them the same as your current armory.

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