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Feral DPS

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:47 am
by Voodoomkin
Hey Guys,

First post, Have been reading a few of your different posts, This has probably been addressed but I have tried everything I've read and don't understand why I'm being out DPS'd bu every other class! Its a joke it really is, Try to be nice, Dont rage at me and call me a noob, I havent played WoW since TBC and have recently gotten back into it, Leveled a druid to 90 because I enjoyed playing a druid (I was only ever a mage back in old times)

Basically I'm a feral druid that is pulling about 30k DPS, this is really concerning to me, I have 483 iLVL (

I cheated a little getting my item level up to get into heroics and raids as I had almost 4k Honor when I hit 90 so looking at the stats on the gear I decided to get PVP gear and am slowly replacing it with Raids etc (I also read that in a recent patch they made PVP gear work in PVE and visa versa).

I changed up my rotation a bit taking the advise from Noxxic. The basic obvious Stealth > Charge > Ravage > Rake > Shred/Mangle > Rip/Roar (keeping both up(have road glyph)

I tried Dr00dfocus, Badkitty and even as suggested by this site Ovale, Just to try and get my rotation 100% but that addon dident work for me at all as it just kept telling me to sunder and savage when i had already done it....

I have WeakAura's to tell me when my predatory swiftness proc's and to time my savage roar so I know when its not up.

For burst CD's I use this macro: Which basically blows all my big CD's in one hit and i ravage the heck out of everything for 100k hits followed by a Tiger's Fury to get the last two ravages out
/cast berserking
/cast berserk
/cast Incarnation
/cast Flashing Steel Talisman

Was going to fraps a target dummy so you's can see whats actually happening, but its too embarrassing :(

Thanks in advanced for any help you's could provide, Anyone please tell me what I'm doing wrong :( Its killing my life, 30k DPS in a raid in comparison to other peoples 100k etc. is just sad.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:17 am
by aggixx
Use Soul of the Forest + Heart of the Wild instead of Incarnation + Dream of Cenarius, much less to keep track of.
Nothing wrong with PvP gear for PvE, it's basically just like any other piece of gear.
Enchant/gem/reforge your gear. For gems, Agi in red sockets, Agi/Mastery in yellow sockets, Agi/Hit in blue sockets. It's pretty rare for a socket bonus to not be worth taking, but skip any ones that give you PvP stats of course. For enchants, if there's an agi one use it, otherwise mastery > crit/hit/exp > haste. For reforges, 7.5% exp > 7.5% hit > mastery > crit > haste. Use a reforge tool like Catus, WoWReforge, or AskMrRobot to get good results.
You'd get some free damage out of leveling your professions, but not a big deal for now.

Download Ovale Spell Priority and Nerien's Ovale Scripts. After you get in-game type "/ovale code" (without quotes) and set the dropdown to Leafkillers. This will help you understand what abilities you should be using, when, and in what order.

Let me know if you have any issues getting those addons to work and I'd be happy to help.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 10:39 am
by Voodoomkin
I was never was a fan of Heart of the Wild, I dont wanna have to cast wrath as a feral doesn't make sence lol :P I will give Soul of the forest a try, I do enjoy Incarnation though : P But happy to give it a shot :)

Havent bothered with Gems on my low level gear, especially when the meta gem is like 700g on my server >< lol
I will look into filling more of my gems :) (i spent like 1000g yesterday filling a heap up and getting a belt buckle etc.)

None of my gear can be reforged, I don't understand why, whenever i put any of it into the reforger it offered me 0 spirit in exchange with nothing, I really do need to do professions but i leveled so fast i couldent keep up with them, I only have mining cause i was picking up ghost ore in mists and selling and the engo is just to use the AH in the shrine of the two moons, ANy recommendations on what professions are the best for a feral druid in the way of perks ?? (and to make some money) I really need money haha).

I will give Ovale another try, it dident work for me when i tried it earlier but cant hurt to try again :D

Any idea why my DPS is so low though ?? I feel like my DPS is great and then I run out of energy and bam my char is rubbish /cry

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Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:11 am
by Voodoomkin
Ok! So i reinstalled Ovale along with the config addon and I have managed to up my DPS to 45k basically i think my problem was that i was saving my CD's for burst damages, for example i would save beserk for when I blow my Incarnation to get heaps of 100k hits whilst incarnation is active. I would also save tigers fury for similar instances. (which by the by worked awesome with my troll racial berserking which made the 100k hits every second :P lol

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:16 am
by aggixx
You don't have to (and generally) shouldn't use the cooldown for HotW, you take it for the passive. You should only use the activated effect for Healing or AoEing with Hurricane (use a caster weapon with both, if you can). Incarnation is very very weak in PvE, Soul of the Forest is easier and provides better results.

A reload (/reload) should fix the reforge issue. Engineering is the best profession and the second one doesn't matter that much (I prefer Alchemy, but anything that gives Agility works fine).

Hard to say specifically what your issue is without logs. I could suggest a lot of basic mistakes like buff/debuff uptimes and CD usage, but it would be much easier for you to just see what Ovale suggests if you can get it working.

Edit: Good to hear you got it working. Your cooldown usage as you described pretty much sounds like how you should be doing it, although I suppose you weren't very specific.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:56 pm
by Steakbomb
If you are trying to improve your DPS as a newer feral you should 100% go HotW. DoC is only a DPS increase if you can play it correctly as you need to be watching other procs and using them correctly.

I play HotW on almost all progression fights and go DoC when I know my Tranq isn't needed. As Aggixx has said, HotW is mainly used for the passive 6% agility that it gives and the active effect is only used for healing with Tranq in a pinch or when using Hurricane + HotW will out damage Trash+Swipe. A good example of that would be in the start of Windlord in HoF with his 9 adds. You will do more damage with hurricane and HotW than in kitty.

I would highly suggest using DroodFocus to watch all your bleeds.

Rake, Rip, and Savage Roar should be up as much as possible. Mangle instead of Shred as your CP generator(its a slight DPS increase and it makes your rotation easier)

Without seeing logs there is only so much we can suggest. If you can get into and LFR and take logs or run something with someone that has the ability to keep logs and you can post them here, we can suggest more based on what you are doing in fight.

Just going off what most people's issues are it is more than likely low Rip/Rake uptimes that is causing you issues.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:27 am
by Voodoomkin
Not sure how to take logs?? Is there an addon i need in order to do that ?

I got my DPS up to 50k-ish on the dummy in that instance, The DPS begins to drop once my energy runs out and things are on cooldowns lol =P but i'm happy to have it higher :D thanks heaps for the info everyone :D

Hopefully soon I'll have the rotation down pack and not have to have ovale on

Dr00dfocus was way too in my face with everything X's on the screen, Making alarm sounds, and just being big in general, I customised it heaps but it kept reverting and loosing my customisations and stuff and i was having crashes and such, here's the UI i setup with ovale as suggested and Weakaura's keeping track of procs, roar and bleeds

I did however enjoy Dr00dfocus' combo point/energy bar + Health bar (still not quite used to having the target and character plates down the bottom just needed to put it there because my screen is pretty big and i would die cause i wouldent be watching my health.


Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:05 am
by Mooninites
To take logs you just type in /combat log and it will start recording. then you type it again to stop recording. To upload it you go to world of logs, sign in with your account, and there should be an option to upload.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:40 pm
by Tinderhoof
Dr00dfocus was way too in my face with everything X's on the screen, Making alarm sounds, and just being big in general, I customised it heaps but it kept reverting and loosing my customisations and stuff and i was having crashes and such
If WoW crashes all changes to addon's are not saved. You need to at least camp successfully for changes to stick.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:31 pm
by Bethany
Voodoomkin wrote:I did however enjoy Dr00dfocus' combo point/energy bar + Health bar
You should be able to do something similar to those with WeakAuras if Droodfocus is too obtrusive for you to use.

Re: Feral DPS

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 7:47 pm
by Steakbomb
If you do not want to use DroodFocus for anything then check out my UI thread.

I have all the things we need to track set up in Weak Auras

The icons also show up gray'd out if they are not on your target. The Weakened Armor debuff also updates if someone else applies it. and the Rip icon changes to FB icon when you are in Execute range. Hope that helps.