Question about Rune of re-Origination

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Re: Question about Rune of re-Origination

Post by RareBeast » Thu Sep 05, 2013 9:21 pm

My guild has stopped raiding till the patch so I got into a run with a guild who were stuck on Lei'Shen. Halfway the 2nd night of wipes (with me topping DPS every attempt) we finally got him down and I got my Rune!!!! After I don't know how many weeks of downing him in LFR and normal and spending a coin on both difficulties I finally got it on the last reset before the patch lol.

So happy - and the AMR reforger is very good for my gear. Hit right on cap, Expertise 3 over and mastery 1 higher than crit and haste - basically perfect setup. Can't wait to try it all out now - gonna have to go do an LFR and blow everyone away :)

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