2pc tier16 - thrash or no thrash?

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2pc tier16 - thrash or no thrash?

Post by xahn » Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:53 pm

I didn't want to open yet another thread, but I really can't get this question out of my head and I keep thinking of it, looked everywhere and didn't find an answer.

I have this mindset from before that everytime I get an omen of clarity proc - I will always thrash, My muscle memory is used to doing that even after I got the 2pc bonus of the new tier, I still sometimes use Thrash when I get Clearcasting, but the set bonus doesn't include gaining damage from thrash so am I wasting DPS? should I change my mind-set on this thing? I'm surprised that blizzard didn't include Thrash in there, only swipe/shred/mangle/ravage.

So is it worth to use Thrash on Omen of clarity proc? it's like wasting 2sec to 3sec with the GCD on the buff 50% damage increase to shred/mangle? what do you guys do if you get clearcasting, spam mangle/shred? or what.
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Re: 2pc tier16 - thrash or no thrash?

Post by raffy » Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:45 am

This might not be exactly what you're asking but according to Catus:
No Thrash: 243.6K
Clearcast Thrash: 246.1K (5% damage of damage done)
Use Thrash: 244.2K (8% damage of damage done)

Surprised that Clearcast Thrash is highest -- it's also highest for my gear (I assumed it was due to your trinkets) -- possibly the currrent action list needs improved. It might be DoC-related; yeah with HotW, Use Thrash is slightly higher (~250 DPS) but I can't imagine that's worth it.

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Re: 2pc tier16 - thrash or no thrash?

Post by ShmooDude » Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:39 am

@op: Thrash will always hit harder than a 50% buffed Shred/Mangle. Currently unbuffed (and buffs just favor thrash more) I have 157k damage from Thrash and 64k damage from mangle. +50% from the set bonus only makes that 96k still nowhere near thrash's damage. Note this assumes you don't clip any thrash ticks (ie only use it on thrash if the duration is 3 seconds or less)

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