Normal RoRo trinket or SoO trinket, i really need help.

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Normal RoRo trinket or SoO trinket, i really need help.

Post by Smoothpaw » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:38 pm

Hey guys,

I got feral druid with 558 item level: ... paw/simple

I'm having a problem about my trinkets. I got normal Haromm's Talisman (561) and Assurance of Consequence (561) as you see on my armory. But by the way, i got Rune of Re-Orgination (530) trinket. If i replace my RoRo trinket with Assurance Of Consequence trinket, and make reforge for RoRo on Catus, is it increase my dps better then 2 normal soo trinket. Should i go with Rune of Re-Orgination - Harromm's Talisman, or should i stay with this trinkets and refoges.

I simulated on simcraft with this trinkets and reforges, so simulation gave me 300k avg. dps. And other way which is RoRo - Harromm's Talisman combination and reforges, it gave me 298k avg. dps. With this simulate, combination which i use now makes me 2k more dps then the other combination. But Assurance of Consequence trinket doesn't procs much then Rune of Re-Orgination and Harromm's Talisman.

So it's confused me which way should i choice. I need help from players who have more experience and information about my issue.

Have a nice day.

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Re: Normal RoRo trinket or SoO trinket, i really need help.

Post by raffy » Fri Jan 03, 2014 5:39 am

Double-checking your Catus work:
Armory (as is): 305.5K (no belt gem) / Gem'd: 307K

Trinket Sim:

I agree with these suggestions (I like high RPPM myself) and would go with Haromm/Rune, but they're all so close you can use whatever you'd like.

I feel that your reforging without a Rune is meh (since your Crit is so high) but without different gear, you can't fix it. A stat weight simulation (for your current gear) has weights of approximately: Mastery(4.5) Crit(3.5) Haste(2.8).

Under "Cat Stats", if I added Custom Stats: "+4000 Mastery, -4000 Crit", your setup gains about 5K DPS (which much larger than the gain optimized trinkets.) If you could replace your Belt, Helm, Shoulders, and/or Bracers, with equal ilvl gear in your bags that has more mastery, that would be ideal (if you don't decide on the [530] Rune.)

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