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Post by Owlcaholism » Fri Jan 17, 2014 7:13 pm

I've been a stalker on the forums for a long time now, however I haven't really mustered the courage to post until I realized my dps had become a real problem. ... m/advanced

I realize in hindsight that my up-time is atrocious on some skills, and I'm at a disadvantage without a legitimate RoRo, but it's gotten to the point where I no longer feel like I can contribute to the raid effectively when I'm pulling about 100k less than what the dps rankings have for my class at my gear score.

Any possible advice on how I can improve/re-gem/reforge or if replacing my AoC with any manner of RoRo would help triage the situation.
Thanks for your time.

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Post by aggixx » Sat Jan 18, 2014 4:48 am

Your gemming is fine but your reforging could use some work (get to exp cap), you can use Catus or AMR to do that. A Rune would help but it's not going to be a vast improvement, should expect 3-5k DPS increase from a normal one and about double that for a heroic one (that's simulated DPS though so it'd be less in practice if you're having issues).

Looking at Iron Juggernaut I wouldn't say your uptimes are as bad as you think they are, they're far from perfect but they aren't terrible all things considered. SR uptime is great, just where it needs to be. Your uptimes were Rip 90.9%, Rake 88.5% and Thrash 68.7% could all stand to be a tad higher, Rake especially. Ideal situation would be 99%+ uptime on SR (which you have), 98%+ on Rake, 94%+ on Rip, and 75-85%ish on Thrash (can be RNG and depends on your reaction time a bit).

Your Tiger's Fury usage could use a lot of improvement; if there's one place you can improve a lot it's probably here. Your usage is very inconsistent, you want to be using it as close to on cooldown as possible which means making sure you can easily see the time remaining on it's cooldown on your UI and starting dumping energy 3-4 seconds before it comes off so you can activate it immediately. Here's a chart for comparison; the data points for my character are from Malkorok but it should still give a good idea of what to aim for.
Also on the topic of cooldown usage, it's hard to tell from the logs because of latencies and the way the server works, but if you're manually hitting your Berserk after you use TF then you can just macro TF into it as well and hit it instead of your TF key when you want to Berserk (just make sure TF is used first in the macro).

Your opener could use some improvement. Your first ability after Ravage (if you use it) should always be rake, there's absolutely no reason to wait to apply it when mangle barely hits harder (and in some cases it doesn't), and it will also be buffed by DoC if you casted a Healing Touch before the pull; you missed a huge amount of damage to that because you didn't apply rake until 12 seconds into the fight. If your Savage Roar has enough time left when you start the fight (which it should, just spam it until you start basically) then you don't need to refresh it, you can just go straight for the Rip. As long as you don't get poor crit RNG (or once you get the 4-piece) you can get a 2nd, DoC buffed, Rip up before your 10s procs end and also with TF.
So the basic rundown is something like this:
Spoiler: show
Healing Touch
Spam SR
Mangle to 5 CP, use TF & Berserk if you run out of energy.
If you have 4-piece, use it when you reach 5 CP even if you still have energy left to get the 3 CP.
Shred to 4 or 5 CP (depending on Primal Fury procs)
If 4 CP: Healing Touch -> Rake -> Rip
If 5 CP: Healing Touch -> Rip -> Rake respectively
Thrash (if you still have time before SR)
Shred to the very last moment until SR runs off (or 5 CP)
And then on to the main rotation.
It is pretty tight without 4-piece, but if you don't make it in time the first Rip you applied is still pretty good and it gets much easier with the 4-piece bonus.

Potion usage was not good, your goal should be to use it as you apply the Rip you think will be up for the rest of the fight. In your parse you had a pretty good one you applied right around 25% that ended up being on him for the rest of the fight, you should have used it there, especially because there wasn't time for your AoC to proc again so the chance of getting a better one later was pretty much nil.

It does look like you're intentionally clipping your DoTs when you can put stronger ones up, which is good, but if you don't already you really should have an addon to assist you with that. To quote my guide:
The most simple form of bleed clipping involves just keeping track mentally of what effects you had when you applied your last Rip, and while this is certainly viable, it is not something I would recommend unless you prefer to do things the hard way just for the sake of it. To take full advantage of bleed clipping, the feral should have an UI element that can tell them the strength of their current bleed relative to one you could apply right now. Ovale Spell Priority with Leafkiller's script takes account of bleed clipping automatically when providing suggestions, but if that's not your thing then this WeakAura is an excellent alternative.

Generally speaking, it's advisable to clip both Rip and Rake any time you can put up one that's at least 15% stronger. It can also be advantageous to apply a slightly weaker bleed than the current (but still a quite strong one in general) prior to your procs ending to take maximum advantage of them. For example, if you apply a Tiger's Fury'd Rake a few seconds into your 15 second trinket proc, it would be advisable to clip that Rake (with a slightly weaker one since by then TF would be over) near the end of the trinket proc for maximum effect.
Ovale Spell Priority is also a great tool for learning the rotation in general and I would always recommend it to anyone looking to improve. It should be able to help you in increasing your bleed uptimes as well as getting a general feel for the rotation, and you can always drop the addon once you feel you're comfortable with things.

Finally, since I see you're on Hyjal, feel free to drop me a whisper on Pawkets when I'm online if you have any specific questions and I'd be happy to answer them.

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