How much do you rely on Leafkiller's Ovale Script

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How much do you rely on Leafkiller's Ovale Script

Post by istanu » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:15 pm

First of all Leafkiller's Ovale Script is just amazing. It takes me an afternoon to set up all the addons for my feral druid, including Ovale, Droodfocus, and some Weakauras strings. And another 3 hours of practicing on a Training Dummy to get myself used to those addons. Then my DPS reaches 90% of the Catus simulation score. Considering that feral is always said to have the most complex rotation, I am doing pretty well, or the Leafkiller's Ovale Script is doing pretty well I should say.

After three months of playing, (I really enjoy it btw, kitty is so cute), I get some minor DPS improvement, I can do 95% of the simulation score on a raid dummy most of the time, and I can stay calm in a real boss fight. But the problem is, I'm worried that I rely on Ovale too much. I tried disabling Ovale and to do the rotation and calculation all by myself, but the result was disappointing, my DPS dropped by 15% or more.

So there are two aspects that I'm considering of.

First, how good is Leafkiller's Ovale Script. For example, the champion of Chess is a computer called Deep-Blue, so If i'm playing Chess, i'd better follow strictly what the computer tells me to do, because computer is just better on Chess than Human brain. Does this apply to feral druid also? Ovale or my brain, which is better on playing feral ...

Secondly, should I worry about relying on Ovale too much? Because I don't want to be told that “nah you don't know how to play feral, you are just a robot who's executing leafkiller's ovale script" ...

Do you rely on Ovale a lot and how do you feel about it?

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Re: How much do you rely on Leafkiller's Ovale Script

Post by raffy » Mon Jan 27, 2014 6:19 pm

I've been Feral since Vanilla and my binds have (almost) stayed the same (and I do PvP with the same UI/setup), so everything feels very natural to me. I never tried any of the rotational assistance tools, and up until SoO, I've only used my own addons for Feral, after which I switched over to WeakAuras.

Usually, I just watch my "stack of procs", since I find knowing the time remaining just as important as effective power:
Old UI before WA:

I like InlineAura (button buff timers), so I put my WeakAuras on my buttons:

For single target, I'd imagine Ovale is quite good at recommending what to do -- especially if your uncomfortable with the rotation or feel overwhelmed while dealing with raid mechanics.

However, a lot of the finesse of Feral comes from proper timing and future planning. The choice of how to AoE, when to swap targets, etc. even to this day are extremely difficult to quantify. I'm not sure if I could describe exactly how I play in general except for "it feels right", but I'm always trying to quantify/understand what I'm doing so I can repeat it and/or improve it.

I think it's important to know your weaknesses (unexpected changes to our fight plan) and be able to estimate/extrapolate your damage into the future. It's also important to look at your logs, to figure out what you can improve and monitor your progress.

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Re: How much do you rely on Leafkiller's Ovale Script

Post by Steakbomb » Tue Jan 28, 2014 3:02 am

Leafkiller's script is really well done and it works very well but it has it's limitations too. I use it but I rarely look at it nowadays. Since the end of BC when I leveled my druid I have been primarily Bear until Cata but I had to quit during Heroic T11 progress as I had a child. Started MoP Bear and went feral as the guild I joined during Heroic Progression didn't need a tank. Since then I have been feral except on 3 tanks fights. I keep a full Bear set and spec on me at all times for easy swapping.

I used to rely on Ovale a bit too much when I had just gotten back into Feral but I also dabbled in Feral in Wrath a bit so it was just a matter of getting back into the groove of Feral with all the changes and now I rarely use it. My UI is built with a single Ovale box in it so I keep it there but the more comfortable I got with Feral the less and less I used it.

The best way to increase your DPS without Ovale telling you what to do is to turn Ovale off for an entire raid week and force yourself to play without it for a while and you will be surprised how easy it becomes to not have it on.

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Re: How much do you rely on Leafkiller's Ovale Script

Post by Mechalis » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:43 pm

I find it impossible to follow any "do this next" addon. I think it's a combination of player's pride but also the inefficiency of doing it that way. There are several things in the fight that can not be predicted, e.g. "yeah Thrash is inefficient now, but I'm going to leave the boss alone doing nothing for a while so let's just spam a Thrash on it as I leave".

I find it more important to use addons for things my own mind can not follow, e.g. checking the lining up of 6 or 8 procs, several of which are automatic; it is practically impossible to do it on your own, especially if you have to remember all the past occurrences of the procs as well. I don't play a feral for long, in fact it's the first time, but I've always tried to optimize a new class/spec I play asap.

There's something seriously wrong with this game when it's practically impossible to play it properly or at least optimally without addons that aren't even tailored to every player's needs, but oh well, that's how we do it and I guess it's a game for computer nerds.

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