Trouble with aoe

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Trouble with aoe

Post by MollyST » Fri Feb 07, 2014 6:00 am

I'm a pretty new feral and I struggle a lot with short lived aoe fights like galakras and spoils. ... 864&e=5460 ... 71&e=10641 ... y/advanced

Those are my two best attempts so far at those fights. I seem to do decently well but I feel like I could be doing so much more. A few questions that came to mind is should I be dumping DoC procs into my thrashes over rakes? Also, should I ignore prioritizing rips and and try to maintain higher thrash uptime? Lastly, should I be going for more swipes or trying to apply rake every single add?

Thanks ahead of time!

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Re: Trouble with aoe

Post by Cetlysm » Fri Feb 07, 2014 2:17 pm

I have no idea how to read logs when it comes to AoE, so besides the many wasted PS procs on both fights I'll just tell you what I do
On galakras and spoils, which got me a rank 2 or so several times long ago, and its still up there top 5, so I guess that means I'm doing ok?

This is strictly no towers, and focusing on shamans.
First wave, get fast rip out without doc on bonecrusher A, then swap it to bonecrusher B, get 2nd rip out with doc on bonecrusher A which should have 3 cp from set bonus, and thrash at the last second with everything up, then swipe spam and mangle just to extend rip.

After that I just stick to shamans, keep rip and rake full time and always extend the rips fully, after that, swipe for cp, and keep thrash up with DoC 100%, no FBs ever only during BitW, and always swap a good execute rip if possible to higher hp target.
If your guild does not care about nuking shamans, I'm sure rake cleave might be better.

When soul swapping I always do it with a new rip, extend it 3 times fast and make sure to have a new rip ready for the target you swapped the bleeds from.

This is with haromms, and AoC.
I bet TED makes this a pain and getting a quick thrash right after opener might be better than 2 rips.

Spoils is pretty much, rake cleave on mantid side, mogu side rip on the small animus golems and refresh/swap to new targets, keep thrash up, double rip swap the monks and swipe only when there is a lot of low priority small box stuff.
Keep single target on bosses in both sides ofcourse, and if you can swap bleeds from boss to boss if your tanks allows, thats great.
And always thrash all the things.

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