Need some advice :)

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Need some advice :)

Post by Clus » Tue Jun 17, 2014 7:37 pm

Hey! Longish time lurker on the forum here, need some advice on a few things since I'm trying to push for more dps.

I'm currently using sortof default weights for reforging, which I assume is pretty bad?

My main question how should my weights for reforging/gemming be with a RoRo and soon to be harroms or TED ... n/advanced - I also have a normal pig sticker that I could use as wep instead of the malk polearm.

Thank for any replies and help! <3

PS. Using those trinket because they are all that have dropped for me so far!

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Re: Need some advice :)

Post by Aerothane » Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:24 pm


So a few things, first everyone is going to recommend Catus for these sorts of questions which is a really nice simulator by Edgy for deciding how to min/max dps, however it can be overwhelming because of how complex and great of a tool it is. For this reason there is a long FAQ forum regarding it.

Now in terms of increasing your dps that would be your best resource but you could also post logs of what you are doing which might be more helpful as well.

Personally all I noticed was your trinkets, and that Sigil is a dps lose (I believe) comparatively to AoC or TED (assuming single target) which I imagine you have that because you don't have anything else and that LFR RoRo is also likely a dps lose. I may be wrong, you would have to look into Catus to double check for sure.

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