MoP Spec/Talents Theorizing (NOT which to pick!)

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MoP Spec/Talents Theorizing (NOT which to pick!)

Post by ShmooDude » Wed Oct 26, 2011 5:29 pm

We already know Blizzard wants to "trim" down the number of abilities classes have, and in the case of hybrids, I'd almost bet that a lot of abilities are going to become spec specific. We already know of a couple such changes. Hammer of Righteousness is going to be Ret/Prot only (ie holy won't have it anymore). Frenzied Regen and Survival Instincts are also going to be Bear only. Rip and Rake are also going to be Cat only.

I'm just wondering how you guys think it will play out (mostly as an intellectual exercise if nothing else).

Possible abilities to go spec specific:
Thorns (unlikely, but might go Balance or Balance/Resto)
Entangling Roots/Nature's Grasp (I could defiantly see this going Balance/Resto for PvP balance reasons; maybe just Nature's Grasp leaving ER for dungeon CC)
Starfire (Balance only, mostly cuz there's no reason for any other spec to cast it)
Insect Swarm (might go Balance only like it was in the past)
Skull Bash (I'd bet on this, and similar interrupts from healers going cat only, this might even get a Balance version?)
Faerie Fire (Feral only?)
Remove Corruption (Resto only?)
Innervate (Balance/Resto only, this one's very likely, they've been trying to destroy feral innervate for forever)
Bash (Bear only)
Savage Defense (Bear only)
Tranquility (Resto only)
Cyclone (Balance or Balanc/Resto, though we'd need something to compensate PvP wise)
Savage Roar (Cat only)
Wild Mushroom (Balance only, though I heard a rumor about a resto application for shrooms)
Stampeding Roar (Feral only)

Also, going down the feral tree (since we're being split up)
Feral Swiftness (currently in the new Talents)
Furor (I think they may make the energy/rage part of this default for all druids given some of the new talents we've seen at BlizzCon)
Predatory Strikes (Cat obviously)
Infected Wounds (Attack speed and movement speed reduction might get split between bear and cat respectively)
Fury Swipes (probably made cat only, not really needed for bear; assuming its kept)
Primal Fury (split so you only get your spec appropriate portion)
Feral Aggression (Stacking could simply be removed from Faerie Fire all together)
King of the Jungle (Doesn't necessarily need to be an actual ability, could simply be baked into their appropriate abilities)
Feral Charge/Stampede (currently Wild Charge in the talents)
Thick Hide (likely baked into Bear spec)
Leader of the Pack (both probably still)
Brutal Impact (if abilities are removed from other specs similar to above, could simply be baked in)
Nurturing Instinct (Cat obviously)
Primal Madness (probably baked in if used at all, almost no one takes this afaik)
Survival Instincts (Bear only, confirmed at BlizzCon)
Endless Carnage (baked in)
Natural Reaction (likely baked into Bear spec)
Blood in the Water (Cat obviously)
Rend and Tear (Split into respective cat/bear portions)
Pulverize (Bear obviously)
Berserk (Both)

Resto Tree (feral reachable and relevant):
Heart of the Wild (Baked in to their respective forms)
Natural Shapeshifter (Baked in)
Master Shapeshifter (baked in, if kept)

Curious to hear other's thoughts on this.

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Re: MoP Spec/Talents Theorizing (NOT which to pick!)

Post by shinryu » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:21 pm

Guessing you mean the current Heart of the Wild and not the new talent...

Faerie Fire I think will be kept baseline for all spec potentially, Faerie Swarm as a talent makes no sense otherwise, and it then still gives a way for any druid to put up an armor debuff. Rest look fairly reasonable so far.

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