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Gear Question

Post by Malfathin » Mon Jul 04, 2011 9:09 am

Hello fellow ferals.

Now that we've started raiding Firelands, and my guild is 3/7 (hopefully we'll get Baleroc down today before the reset), I'm still wondering and thought I'd ask you guys for help on a serious gear question.

The thing is: I have the 4T11, with the shoulder as my off-set (and I don't have the shoulder in my bags, never got the token x.x), but besides the chest (easy heroic fight ftw), I have no other 372 pieces on my set gear (lost the legs from our only Maloriak kill >.<). So, say a helm or a glove drops from one of the firelands bosses this week; should I go and break the 4pc bonus for the huge upgrade in ilvl? Or is the 3% AP still better than all the extra agi and secondary stats I'll get from the new gear?

I almost think I'll break the tier even if it is a minor AP loss, just so I have one less timer to worry about while trying to learn the new mechanics and adapt to the fights. (I completely ignored the SotP buff on Rhyolith, because I was completely focused on steering him and avoiding the streams from the craters.)

Edit: link to my armory, for reference ... n/advanced

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Re: Gear Question

Post by shinryu » Mon Jul 04, 2011 4:02 pm

From a DPS perspective, you won't want to break 4p t11 until you get 2p of both t11 and t12 at minimum, SotP is still that valuable and outweighs any bit of stat gains from breaking it.

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