Team Waffle Feral Roundtable

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Team Waffle Feral Roundtable

Post by Konungr » Sun Nov 13, 2011 5:25 am
Hey Everyone!

I know I’ve been talking about this for a while now, but the Team Waffle roundtable series is finally starting! Next week on November 11th we record our first one, focussing one Feral Cat.

Our lineup is:

Myself: Arielle – Moderator and host of the podcast.
Clay: Our resident PvP contributor. Also does theorycrafting for Bear and Cat.
Reesi: Recently changed from full-time Bear to full-time Cat. Member of Drow (US-13).
Konungr: Cat PvE theorycrafter. 10m hardmode raider.
Hype: Season 9 Feral Gladiator. Currently holds 2200+ 5v5, 2600+ 3v3, 2400+ RBG.
Datah: Long time Feral PvPer and community member. Currently holds 2700+ RBG and is a member of the #1 5v5 team in his battlegroup.
By the way, It was me that said "Yeah no Shit" ~5 seconds into the podcast and there was a "bleep" sound a second too late.

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Re: Team Waffle Feral Roundtable

Post by Grenache » Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:08 pm

I am less than half way through but I am struggling with the sound quality. Whenever Datam talks its just a wave of distortion. You sound really clear amongst all that. I thought you hold your own pretty well, but the 75 keybinds thing came across a little strongly as bluster. Still, I am grateful to you for researching all those talents and for providing some non-pvp balence. Once those guys get going with their beastcleave talk its hard to keep up. And I think I prefer the more serious Reesi to her normal cool gamer chick persona.Good listening so far....

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