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Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 7:45 am
by Stormblessed
The Il'gynoth boss fight in Emerald Nightmare, how do you attain high dps fight ?

Not talking about when you enter the Chamber. But on the outside phases, with the tentacles, oozes and Horrors. I feel i have low dps, changing and moving from target to target fast.

When gathering the Oozes infront of the eye, the feral Thrash/Swipe is it even worth using ? or is it better to find some Horror or something to spend your time on instead.

What about the very far left and right Corruptors ? is it even worth running out there, dps bit, and run back in ?

Anyone got any thoughts, or comment on how do optimise here ?

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 8:05 am
by cronulus
It's not at all about DPS. People focus on it to much. We're in an era where a new meta-game exists unfortunately, fuelled by damage meters & warcraftlogs.
A lot of people are forgetting that most dps/damage is coming from AoE which gives a skewed view on actual fight performance/contribution.

A skewed example (don't focus on the numbers, they're just for illustration):
Killing 30, 1 mil mobs takes 20 seconds.
Killing 1, 30 mil mob takes 200 seconds.
A better way to measure efficiency is not about DPS, it's about how we can reduce the above mentioned time taken (though still simplistic and not hardly nuanced enough) .

Just accept that, you'll be below average on AoE damage for a lot of effort but can/will shine in damage output on heart phase and those cyclopses.

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2016 1:31 pm
by Ghrell
Feral struggles on Il'gynoth in general. Often our DoTs don't even end up ticking their full duration on the tentacles.

However a good trick for Il'gynoth is to change out your Tier 1 talent to Predator. It procs off of every add that dies with a bleed on it. I had nearly a 50% uptime on Tiger's Fury on my last kill; which besides the free energy generation is a 15% damage boost. I'd also debate the relative effectiveness of Savage Roar on this boss; Incarnation is better for heart phases and SotF+Predator means you can't spend your energy fast enough while outside the heart.

As far as what to kill, I strongly recommend doing the fight as intended and focusing the tentacles that spawn. Our high mobility (through Blink and Sprints) allows us to reach the far tentacles quickly, save your Displacer Beast to *get to* the adds and walk back from them since it will take time for your raid to re-position the Ichor properly before killing them. Skull-bash on the Deathglare tentacles (Mind Flayers) will also act as a gap closer.

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 12:12 pm
by Solushunz
My overall DPS on that fight is generally meh, but my guild brought me to progression for the sole purpose of doing top damage to the heart. That's why you bring a Feral for that boss - excellent single target (especially since the heart phase is short, Incarn does well) in a short period of time. Don't worry about padding on adds or anything. The fight isn't about overall DPS and if you see Feral parses higher than yours, they're probably being allowed to pad. It's an add management fight first, DPS race only in the heart (second). Fights like Il'gynoth, Assault in HFC, Galakras in SoO, etc. aren't really worth caring about as Feral. As long as you're doing your role and what your group needs you to do, that's all that matters. Our strat relies on melee killing Mindflay tentacles, but there are periods of time we just interrupt them in a rotation but don't kill them, to avoid more bloods spawning when we don't want them. That alone kills damage done a LOT. I don't lose sleep over Il'gynoth and you shouldn't either, unless you're really low on the heart damage.

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 6:32 pm
by ibeprofun
if you attack the gateway into that room where you damage the heart... i believe its his eye, that will drop your damage more than anything. only killing the blobs near the eye should be done to drop the barrier. if you attack it, that will drop your dps meters incredibly.

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Sun Nov 06, 2016 7:42 pm
by Kittyhype
Thats not quite right, it will drop ur dps when u constantly be on the eye because it has 90% dmg reduce but if u have the gloves and u put sometime a rip on the eye it would generate combopoints for u and u can put more rips on the tentacles it would be an massive dmgpush and even when the adds spawn, u can push ur dmg by spaming trash and hope for shadowtrash procc

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 9:43 pm
by MissMarvel
The top feral on my realm uses Brutal Slash. I can see Predator and Incarn being good for the fight too, though.

Re: Il'gynoth high dps, how to ?

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:40 pm
by stormstrikeFM
I have ranked fairly highly in the encounter but as the second poster said, padding damage on ichors isn't going to help your guild kill the boss. Controlling the damage dealt and location of Ichors is what is required. If this means you need more dps on them you can take on the role of padding them to help ensure they die.

I take Predator, SR, BT. ... target=164
Total DPS: 350k

To prove a point I ensured I did not touch a single Ichor myself in our last kill and we killed the boss perfectly fine. Note the eye damage with Incarn is slightly different but the overall dps for the two are very different. While this may be over extending the opposite direction I thought it would prove that dps isn't usually the issue rather control is, others will adjust to "pad" more if they can. ... target=184
Total DPS: 200k

If you want to push out more dps the trick is to make the most use of the predator talent by ensuring you cast either thrash or rake on a target that is going to die within 15 seconds. Doing this allows your TF to grant you a 15% damage buff and 60 energy allowing you to recast rake or trash again before the next target dies and this process continues. In the first parse linked there were many times I was energy capped with the legendary ring (200 energy). On some attempts we needed more horror damage should I would trash Ichors, run to horror place bleeds, run out thrash Ichors all the while using TF when it lit up.