Trinket comp question vs legendary build

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Trinket comp question vs legendary build

Post by bacevicius » Sun Feb 19, 2017 9:15 pm

I cant seem to find a new 7.1.5 comparison of side by side trinkets and the new simcraft says my toon does 215k dps at 891 ilvl so somethings bugged and i cant get a decent sim. ALSO I have the clutch , the aliuro pounchers and the kiljaends wish all 940 the problem is i cant figure out which 2 to equip i have heard these are the best feral legends except for the aoe thrash one . does anyone have any advice, and can someone tell me why haste is on everything we have now, My crit went to 23% haste 28% mastery 57% does it make that big of a difference with the stat squish ,

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