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Post by Squanchy » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:28 am

I have luffas and these three legendaries. I have trouble deciding if any of them are really much better. Sadly no boots/gloves/ring with more feral-specific benefits.

Belt on paper sounds fine with 3% damage, but it's in the least important phase on most fights.

Prydaz is actually amazing at mistake protection. I usually never die though, I run heroic as that's all my casual guild does and every boss fight I've got the mechanics down fine.

Chest piece "feels" good sometimes with balance or guardian affinity. Shrugging off 10% damage is less viable than Prydaz, but it does have really good stats too. The super reach is unnecessary and gross, but hilarious. Thrash the entire room on some fights.

Any opinions?

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Re: Belt/Chest/Prydaz?

Post by Konungr » Wed Mar 08, 2017 1:51 pm

I'm not in game looking at the stats at this particular moment, but off the top of my head, based purely on stats, it's Chest > Belt > Neck. Generally speaking, you should be running Balance affinity for any raiding content, since it allows you to max range and continue attacking while also getting out of the void zones on melee. The extra range you get from Ekowrath further assists you in being able to hit your target while moving around.

Belt has considerably less stats, but it's a passive damage boost, plus it's not only the bosses health pool that generates the damage benefit, could be useful when adds pop up. Also especially useful on a fight like Mythic Botanist.

Lastly Prydaz, it is kinda the worst of the 3 but I hate you so much because I want one for World PVP. That is akll.

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Re: Belt/Chest/Prydaz?

Post by ShmooDude » Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:34 am

Prydaz is better DPS than the chest last time I simmed myself. Cause I had those 3 for the longest time. Guess it depends what your alternatives are.

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Re: Belt/Chest/Prydaz?

Post by Jacemora » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:31 am

If you have 4T19 I would run Luffa and Waist or Neck. I would switch to chest on a fight where having a full room thrash can be worthwhile (Bot/Scorp maybe/Tich maybe)

Neck might be better than waist depending on other gear you have or if the haste helps you out.

I was running the chest with Balance affinity for a long time and the added range on abilities actually will boost your DPS on a lot of fights where melee have to leave DPS range for a mechanic and you don't.

I would love to actually get a great Legendary, but alas, my luck this xpac has been shitty.

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