Artifact challenge

Face-rippin fun.

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Re: Artifact challenge

Post by Warelder » Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:26 pm

Also don't let your dots drop off Agatha. Remember as long as you have the 4-Piece bonus for every dot you have on your target swipe is increased by 15%. So in essence, your AOE is actually stronger as long as you maintain one target. I used a SR BT build and kept with my single-target rotation to push her through phases quicker.

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Re: Artifact challenge

Post by Tareko » Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:15 am

Hi, recently registered user, long time lurker...

I'm gonna post this guide from the mmo champion site that was really helpful to me when I did the challenge a while ago (898 ilvl) using blood talons as 3 BrS wouldn't be enough to clear the adds at that ilvl (4pc swipe spam was enough for the little imps which should be n1 priority). ... e-Foe-Tips

As you can read on that post the fight is about controlling the adds, only focus Agatha when the channel come's up and to past through her shield.

Also important, use wildfowl omellet food, It provides 10% haste and 10% increased movemente speed for 1min when you kill an enemy, so that means that you will get buffed during the entire fight which is huge compared to any other food. Also read that Sylvan elixir works on this fight, so that would be 10% increased stats.

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Re: Artifact challenge

Post by Rhx » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:09 pm

Just killed that [email protected]·%&.

Spoiler: show
Predator, Renewal balance, mighty bash, sr, jw, BrS

Leggys: luffas and chantoyant
Trinkets: Frond(890), cof(875), 901 ilvl overall
Weapon at 44 -> tear the flesh, razor fangs, feral power, feral instinct, ashamanes energy at 4/4 , thrasing claws at 3/4 , rest 3/3.
Spoiler: show
Used old war on pull, prolonged power on fight, drums(at second tp), flask, rune , spiced falcosaur omelete and sylvan elixir.
Somes advices:
Spoiler: show
- Practice with a build that you are comfortable with
- dont let them heal her (bash, maim or interrupt, but check out the time before the shield when you are going to interrupt), of course focusing the rest imps first.
- extra zerks are very useful
- Ashamane's frenzy on the shield
- you can kite the fuming imps and explode them out if you cannot kill them because reasons( umbral imps, healings imps, fire imps..), just let it explode in a place where it does not disturb
- BLEED HER OUT, always keep a rip,rake and thrash on her.
This is my experience, I hope it is useful.

P.S: Srry for any posible grammar or spelling errors.

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Re: Artifact challenge

Post by Whitepaw » Mon Jul 03, 2017 1:30 pm

They made this way harder - the imps spawn way faster now.

Edit: They seem to respawn twice as fast as on Kraineth's video. He let's one of the healing imps stand in roots - when I do the same, I just get some more of the same imps.

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Re: Artifact challenge

Post by Arthaei » Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:50 pm

I posted a reply to this thread a few weeks back, I think a moderator needs to approve it?
"Many druids died to bring us this information"

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Re: Artifact challenge

Post by ellorien » Sat Jul 22, 2017 5:25 pm

Finally got it down at 910 without Luffa's Wrappings (cannot get it to drop for the life of me).

In case anyone is in the same boat:

This video helped me a lot:

Instead of focusing on the healing imps, it said to focus on the umbral and smoldering imps instead and just swipe / typhoon the healing imps. This is what worked for me because otherwise I kept getting overrun by the fireballing imps when I was prioritizing the healing imps and rooting them and so forth. It also went a lot smoother when I planned positioning for the fuming imps dropping bad on the ground.

- Sylvan Elixir, Flask of the 7th Demon (they stack), Spiced Falcosaur Omelette, defiled rune, 2 prolonged power, drums
- Cinidaria + Fiery Red Maimers + 4pc T19
- Pred + Displacer + Balance + Typhoon + SR + JW + BS.

Also got this weak aura:

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