Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR. Updated live*

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Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR. Updated live*

Post by Cluey » Tue Aug 08, 2017 10:56 am

I decided to do a custom batch sim using the 7.3 PTR build Mr Robot has sucked off the PTR, it's the build which is already out of date!
Such is life with the PTR, however the changelog on Wowhead doesn't show any spell changes so far, it's still got that as the latest build. I understand that it can take a while to download the data and and then they have to process it.

I did this as I was interested in the results.
Do Not take anything here as fact, the PTR is ongoing and I expect them to do a bit of number tuning as they stated:
As players anecdotal reports from playing on the PTR and these Sim results show, that is not the case.

Given how long these types of sims take I chose to use heroic Tomb of Sargeras gear, although as I typed that I realised I didn't change relics, so it's got the (rather lucky) relics I've managed to get and level seven of Concordance.
I used their Goroth script, being a single target fight I didn't include the Predator or Brutal Slash talents, that would have just slowed it down.
I've got most of the legendaries in there, I left out the Balance Moonfire shoulders and the crafted one.

Being a Mr Robot sim you can see all the settings used to run it, I went with a time around the current 75th percentile kill time for Mythic.
The APL is still the live one, Swol said he'd tried tweaking it a bit and it didn't make enough difference. Having said that he'd tested before knowing about the Savage Roar snapshot change. I don't think it will make much difference anyway but I'm stating that here so you can't complain.

I'd already played around with other sims to see which legendaries I should use with my gear, they aren't the ones which score highest here.
This bit is probably most important and isn't what everyone looking for a BiS list, or legendary ranking list, wants to hear.
The best legendaries for your character will depend on what other gear you've got.

In my case I got super lucky and have a 955 Spirebreaker Harness from Goroth, it's doesn't have ideal stats with 1319 haste on it but at that ilvl it has a heap of agility on it. So that's one slot I'll be unlikely to be using a tier piece in. I was also lucky with a 945 Stormheart Headdress, so the Behemoth Headdress isn't what AMR recommends for me.
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Re: Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR.

Post by Sibylle » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:20 am

Thanks for that. I'm about to re-sub and would love to know how this has turned out on live.

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Re: Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR.

Post by Cluey » Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:02 am

There were further tweaks, as expected, but I haven't rerun a huge batch yet.

I did do a short talent comparison with no legendaries equipped. Adding more variables really cranks the time up.
This is with my lucky titanforges which would be much better for playing Terror Turkey.

The old SR/JW/BT build is a long way behind.
Moment of Clarity is now so far ahead that it and 7/9 of the other combos are better than not taking MoC.

I'm working through some combos now so I know what to use tonight in raid, but don't have time to do the complete batch sim in time.

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Re: Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR.

Post by Hairypitts » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:49 am

I put this in the xanzara sticky but its relevant to this thread
From the feral discord:

Xanzara - Last Monday at 1:58 PM
7.3 Patch Resources

Quicksheet: Information about all changes here (http://xanzara.com/quicksheet/)

Relics (Thanks to: @Guiltyas ): https://goo.gl/2DUi6w

Sweet & Sexy Updated Trinket Graphs (Thanks to: @Bloodmallet(EU) ): https://bloodmallet.github.io/

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Re: Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR.

Post by Cluey » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:51 pm

Well that info would be handy if they revamp Naxxramus again. /sarcasm

I fail to see how that is helpful for the current fights, even on the single target fights we have downtime.
Also there isn't even a set of gear included so we know what secondary stats, legendaries and set bonuses were used to get those values.

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Re: Talent/Legendary comparison for 7.3 PTR.

Post by Cluey » Sun Sep 03, 2017 11:34 pm

I did a custom batch overnight, nine hours 25 minutes!
To keep the time down I didn't include Elune's Guidance, Sabertooth or Soul of the Forest as a talent only batch showed them behind enough to not include in a bigger batch. I knew it was going to take a long, long time to run already and I needed to cut combinations. Also I'm unlikely to choose those talents, one I'll get if I use the legendary ring anyway.
Having said that they aren't a huge distance behind, Sabertooth is about 3% less and Elune's Guidance about 4% less than the top build. Just looking at the first time they come up in that list.

This isn't general advice
I did this with my gear, not your gear and not a generic 915 set like I did in the first post. I could do that again but it takes my old CPU days to sim it.

I included most (all?) of the legendaries that I might use, to see where they came out for me. Lunar Inspiration has come out best for me, probably because I've got way more haste than most of us have and Moonfire ticks faster with haste. I've got this much haste as I was 'lucky' with a 955 chest from Goroth and a 945 tier hat, both have lots more haste than recommended in any guide but they're also high item budget slots and have lots of agility to go with the haste.

I did it so I could see how well the new adaptive gearing strats the AMR guys have spent hours and hours making work. Also because, like a few of us, I'm interested in the last percent I might be able to get. But it tells me to use Moonfire so I'll probably use the lower DPS setup because I don't enjoy playing with Moonfire, also I don't think I'm good enough to deal with encounter stuff and an extra button. I might try it on Goroth though as that isn't too bad.

Now Ask Mr Robot has updated the site, with the new feral druid adaptive gearing strategy, does the BiB match this custom batch sim result?
Yes it does and it comes up with that gear combination in less than five seconds. Much better than the 33,885.24 seconds the custom batch took!

If you decide to try it make sure you set the talents to be what you want, it will optimise around the talents you have set there. So you can change them and then it will re-optimise for you. Also if you want to play with a specific legendary, trinket or something else you really want to use, you can lock it in and it will optimise around what you lock in. It's really handy, I used that, in the past, to lock in the Chatoyant Signet ring because I liked the way it helped me recover from making mistakes.

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