hmm stats.

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hmm stats.

Post by Sixx » Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:12 am

I joined a new guild for some weeks ago, and my new class leader is gemming agility and i gem stamina. We can discuss whats best but none of us can tell the other that bla bla agility is the worst or stamina sucks, etc.
He gems agility for the AP, to boost Savage defence,
Each time you deal a critical strike while in Bear Form or Dire Bear Form, you gain Savage Defense, reducing the damage taken from the next physical attack that strikes you by 25% of your attack power.
and for the armor, he does not care about the dodge.

Then i gem stamina for more survival i see armor as a passive stats its on all our items, i got 55% crit so SD is up almost all the time and with more than 8k ap in raids, i can't see that it could ever be worth gemming for the AP from agility.

We are both in icc gear, 264 gear.

Is there any one that mabye can do some math, so i once for all can this problem solved, Who is right.
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Re: hmm stats.

Post by Alaron » Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:45 pm

Sixx, there's no right answer to this question. In TOC, the answer was definitely stam because bosses hit so hard. In ICC, they don't hit quite as hard (though they do hit more often, thanks to CotT), so the answer is more debatable. I can tell you that when I'm healing, I prefer my tanks to have armor > stamina > avoidance. I also think for progression content, stamina is still better than agility, since it gives your healers more of a margin for error. (Fact is, any tank healer (pally/shammy) will almost certainly be spamming heals on you, regardless of your current health level, due to their spells casttime. The extra avoidance just usually ends up as more overheal, whereas extra stamina can save you (and thus the raid) when the healers/you are slow moving out of fires, etc.

(Incidentally, SD is nice, but it's not much good against ICC 25 bosses. Fester can hit for 20K+...reducing that to 18K isn't going to help you a hell of a lot. It's great for trash, though.)

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Re: hmm stats.

Post by Sixx » Sat Mar 27, 2010 5:20 am

Thanks, you didn't really say anything I didn't know but its always nice to see other peoples respond.
But I guess you can see when the guild have 2 dedicated feral tanks, and they don't go for the same stats, they get some heavy discussions going :p
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Re: hmm stats.

Post by Captain Fizz » Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:15 pm

Since TBC I have been of the opinion that farm content = Agi.
Progression content = Sta.

My views have not changed.

You want to be able to take the largest amount of hits before you die.
Say 2 healers need to run on Rotface to drop the wee adds... You'll want as big an effective health pool as you can muster.
(Armour is very good at making what sta you have go further)

Take any 3 hits that a boss will do. No matter what your avoidance, several times during a fight all 3 will land consecutively.
If you can survive all 3 with maybe only 1 healer on you due to healer movement/incapacitated etc then great, you go on to kill the boss.
The avoidance tank may not be able to eat the 3rd hit.

But on trash / off-tanking, a high Agi set is ideal - The adds will miss you a lot more, you'll need less healing & do more threat.
But for main tanking / progression content - Sta is the way IMHO.
Also magic dmg heavy fights sta wins. On melee heavy sta/agi both are good. So sta covers both styles of fight.

With regards to gearing for SD... That's just silly (again IMHO :P )
The amount it reduces dmg for is fantastic for trash... The amount it takes off a boss swing is almost arbitrary.
It's nice to have, but the amount of item level points to gain X amount of survival through SD is many many times that of gearing to survive the actual hits in the first place!

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Re: hmm stats.

Post by Ursidae » Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:55 am

Sixx wrote:He gems agility for the AP, to boost Savage defence,
I'm new to Bear tanking and feral druidery in general, but does Agi add AP to Bear form? I thought it only added AP to Cat form?

Sure, agi adds +crit% chance to bear form so you are going to get more SD procs, but I’m not sure you would get bigger SD absorption values (based on AP). Unless I am missing something?

Obviously agi is great for dodge and armor too!

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Re: hmm stats.

Post by Sixx » Sun May 02, 2010 5:58 pm

No it does not, i kinda said it to make it ironic, since that was what the guy i talked about said to me :D
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Re: hmm stats.

Post by Chetai » Fri May 14, 2010 12:47 am

Agi for bears is for crit and dodge. Which was great until ICC. Now we lose 20% dodge just stepping into ICC. In my opinion, stacking stam is the only way to go for tank gear in ICC. Our dodge chance is reduced, we can't parry, and our armor is a lot harder to get up when compared to the plate classes. Basically we are relying on Savage Defense and the highest possible HP pool to be able to take the hits.

There are only a few fights in ICC that I would consider using an armor set for:

Saurfang because Mark of the Fallen Champion damage is reduced by the amount of armor the tank has.
Festergut tends to hit faster than harder.
Add tank during Gunship.

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