Confused about Gemming

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Confused about Gemming

Post by Albione » Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:09 pm

I've read plenty of guides that have been updated to cata specs and they all are very clear, but simply confusing. Most, if not all, say that stamina is the best stat for a bear. So, we put all stamina gems in our sockets? Wouldn't this mean we'd just be stam stackers or would our bear armor be enough to prevent that?
I'm asking because I went into a regular cata dungeon with my heroic tanking gear on to see what tanking was like. I tried to keep a close eye on my health bar and it was going down fast. I don't think it was the healer; He seemed pretty well geared.

But anyway, what do bears gem for? What are some good stat priorities for both gemming and reforging?

Thank you. :)

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Re: Confused about Gemming

Post by Jeshu » Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:41 pm

I believe the current consensus in the bear community is to gem and enchant for Agility and reforge your least desirable stats (hit, expertise and haste) into dodge. In heroic blues, you should have enough stamina from just gear alone (at least for normal-mode raids). Personally I swap in stamina trinkets for fights with high magic damage, and otherwise wear Fluid Death and Tia's Grace for more agility and threat.

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Re: Confused about Gemming

Post by ninjastar » Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:48 pm

You are correct, Stam is still our best stat 1:1
However, because of the way healing works at the moment, and the need to keep threat, stam is only good to a point.

The first issue is healing. If you have 225k HP, and the heals are only healing for 20-30k, you are going to take 10 casts ~2.25s/cast to get from 1-225k. over 20 seconds of healing is a long time.
Abilities in raids are still hitting hard, 30k, 40k, 300k (massacre!) and you need a decent level of HP to raid with. The problem is less with multiple healers on the tank, but still the more HP you have the longer it is going to take to get back to topped off.
The tank realm has moved to mitigation.

That being said, I personally try to keep ~150k unbuffed HP, which brings me to just over 180k all buffed up.
This is enough for me to sustain 4 hits from a boss (generally) and live. assuming 40k/hit for most meele bosses is the max I have seen in non-heroic modes. (ps I am only 7/12!)

After that, our best stat is agility. Dodge is subpar because it only gives us dodge, which is already high, and effected by diminishing returns. Agi gives us dodge, crit (helps mastery), and AP for threat.

In short, your priorities lie in gemming/chanting AGI as much as possible after you reach a decent amount of HP.

I find this as my priority, despite EJ and TS saying that hit/exp isn't as important.
STAM > AGI > hit/exp > dodge > crit/mastery > haste is fail

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