Guardian HotW

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Guardian HotW

Post by Alpheus » Thu Jan 24, 2013 4:28 am

I've recently been experimenting a bit more with HotW as Guardian (HC Gara'jal, Elegon, Blade Lord) and was wondering if the dps could be improved by mixing up Bearcatting (rip, rake, thrash) and Wrath-spam single-target. I have sha-touched normal weapons for both specs with a sha-touched agi gem in both - what I'm trying to figure out is:
a) is Wrath higher dps on average than cat form during hotw?
b) if not, are there exceptions to this rule?
c) if yes, can this be further improved by bleeding up first then switching to wrath spam

Does anyone have any experience with this they'd like to share?

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