Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Qbear!

Observe my Growling Bear style. I block blows...with my FACE.

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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Qbear!

Post by Qbear » Thu Sep 08, 2011 2:36 pm

So they got me tankin now. Swipe, Swipe, Swipe.

After tanking 6/7 heroic and then putting in attempts as a bear on Heroic Rag (into phase 4 ah ye!) all I can say is if you want the ezist most mind numbingly afk job of your raid group go full time bear.

The only fight I felt obligated to watch the screen was Aly so I could feed the birds. It's gonna be a long boring rest of the patch.

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Re: Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Qbear!

Post by Goodmongo » Fri Sep 09, 2011 4:32 pm

You mean you have no issues knowing what crap on the ground is good and which to move out of? With all the shiny stuff blizz has made for spell effects it was getting ahrd to know if the green stuff on the ground was good or bad. And now you have purple, green and about 4 other colors.

Before I quit I was tanking and kept moving the boss out of this stuff that apepared. After all I was conditioned never to stand in the stuff on the ground. After a bit the boomkin yelled at me for moving the boss out of his spell zone. Not to mention the first time I saw that mage globe of fire or the shadow priest ghost. I kept trying to target it. LOL.

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