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Post by Toro » Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:08 am

Anyone have any tips for an add tanking bear on Sinestra? We put in... about 30 minutes tonight after downing Cho'gall and I feel we're really f'n up twilight cutters... and as we transition into p2, as I'm tanking a buncha whelps, how long into that phase do the whelplings stop spawning pools? I got about 15-20s in and noticed they stopped, after so aggressive motion with basically only myself deeps'n them down... rawr, berserkerbeardeeps!

Have yet to hit p3, which is essentially p1, so initial tips for p1 and anything in particular that isnt' specific to drake or spike in p2 would be superb.

Anything people can add would be appreciated!
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Re: Sinestra

Post by Tinderhoof » Wed Sep 28, 2011 12:11 pm

Hi Toro.

How the welps work is this. The first time they die they drop a puddle. If any welps die in another welps puddle they will respawn. What you need to do is kill none of the welps until P2 starts. Drag them to the far back (almost to the enterence and a little to the right. Kill them all at once with massive AOE. All of them will respawn. Drag them to the other side and kill them again (no puddles on the second death). Just make sure you are well away from the puddles before aoe starts again.

With the health nerf the hardest part of this is preventing your self or any other raid member from killing even 1 welp until you are in position. Once you get used to it it becomes pretty straight forward. Good luck on your kill.

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Re: Sinestra

Post by Druidohorde » Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:13 pm

Just adding to what Tinderhoof said.

We put a purple icon in the far back of the room. the tank picks up all whelps and goes to the icon while the raid is in the bubble.
Raid isn't allowed to AOE till the tank is standing on the purple icon. AOE till dead. Repeat again, Then dps goes and kills eggs.

Phase 3 starts.
Tank repicks up whelps, but dps doesn't kill them till they are near a purple pool. This prevents soft enrage purple g00 getting out of control in phase 3. (not really an issue with health nerf and present dps) Phase 3 is kinda like the green g00 enrage on Lady Vashj back in the day. If you don't kill the boss before the g00 takes over, its a wipe.

Phase 2 to 3 transition, its very important to get back to the front before the next purple orbs pop. (can't remember their names atm) Stragglers, wipe raids.

IMO, save Beserk for phase 3... to make it easier. Phase 3 will be harder than phase 1.

Phase 1 tips:
Get melee to spread out in a wide line so its more clear who has the purple line on them. Sit melee who are slow to move out.
If the tank tanks the boss on the far right, kitties can shred on the far left (just like rag)
We have 1 person dispelling, and any1 who gets a debuff in phase 1 should use a survivabilty cooldown.

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