My thoughts on MoP guardian changes

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My thoughts on MoP guardian changes

Post by Fudge » Fri May 04, 2012 11:57 am

Not complete and thorough, only a quick breakdown of major issues, as I see them.

Got to be honest here, I'm not really a fan of the changes they made to our defensive stats. They took everything that made a bear a bear and flipped it. Armor was always a gimme, now we have extremely low armor and need to greatly consider mastery for it. Though I have a feeling that mastery will now be our least desirable stat, that and crit since...

They switched our passive shield and made it an on use dodge talent with a high rage cost. This change makes zero sense to me. I understand that Blizzard wanted to go to a more active mitigation model, but I feel like they really missed the mark on this. Looking at the DK model of DS activating the shield, they could've done this for mangle or another spell.

We still have no other form of mitigation other than armor and dodge, and we now have the lowest base of both of these. This combined with the change to Savage Defense has really made us fairly week defensively unless we actively stack dodge, mastery and use all available rage to maintain the shield.

This wouldn't be too terrible except they also removed our ability to dps effectively as a cat. So now our offensive moves are the exact same as defense w/ the only difference being maul vs SD. While they did buff the damage of tanking moves, they had to have reduced the threat ability of said moves, which leads to initial aggro issues.

All and all, I have not been impressed with the direction of druid tanking in MoP. Suggestions for improvement would be to revert to the currently working model for feral defensive mode. If they really preferred a more DK form of active mitigation, they would only need to have a move such as mangle/thrash/maul proc the shield from SD vs it being passive.

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Re: My thoughts on MoP guardian changes

Post by Instaqueues » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:27 pm

I tanked through wrath and cata and loved it! I tanked for about a month in MoP, then we completely re-did our raid comp, replacing me with the warrior, which made us lose the plate melee buff, so we also moved the DK tank and replaced him with a brewmaster.

Both of those tanks, with less gear had more durability than I did as a very well geared tank (470 ilvl at that time, which alternated in top 3 tank ilvl on my server). I absolutely hated the bear model in MoP.

My initial threat was horrible, because I had to be hit/exp capped to land that first mangle. I had to reforge to crit (WHAT?!) to keep rage generation so I could live through things like elegon's breath, or have dodge mitigation when I got Vudu doll, etc. Absolutely horrible is the only way I can describe bears now. We went from being a meat shield (from passive dodge/armor) to being squishy and sometimes normal durability (when you rage dump).

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