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Post by Pan » Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:16 pm

Hello Moonkins, first of all, sorry for my english.
I notice that the Moonkin forum has not so many threads open, and i hope someone of you can help me.
When i'm doing my normal rotation i see that if i open whit Inc+Nv on lunar, the second Incarnation is available 1or2 sec before entering solar. So my question is:
Is better to pop up Inc+Nv on solar, then clip dots and spam wrath to 0 energy, use CA spamming starfire, OR wait the next lunar and pop the cd as when i open?
Thx if someone can help.

PS: when is the best moment to cast Mirror image and the Potion (4000int)? immediately after cast CA?

Tyvm :)

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