Taking a chance on my RoRo hunt

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Taking a chance on my RoRo hunt

Post by Raolf » Fri Mar 14, 2014 9:21 am

Here's a semi-copy/pasta of my post on the main wow forums--I'm trying to replace my LFR Rune, which has lost value due to Flex drops. I know this isn't the active section, and the competition is potentially high, but if you've got yours already, and know of any groups that would like to take me, please let me know.
Spoiler: show
546 Feral 12/12N LF ToT Alt Run(s)/Network

If your guild is running ToT for alts, secrets, or what have you, I would love to come along. I am available most nights and weekends, as well as some days, depending on work load that week. I am not looking to leave my current guild or server, but I:

Know all the fights, and can help explain most of them
Come fully prepared (Flask/Food OCD)
Hit what I'm supposed to hit
Stand where I'm supposed to stand
Move when I'm supposed to move
Use my DR's
Won't step on webs or let Gary eat me
Will rez you if your cat jumps on the desk
Am always itching to tranq/innervate

And will generally help your group clear quickly and smoothly (No Heroic Pro, but see exp below).

Caveat: I need a Rune of Re-Origination(N)or(H) from Lei Shen (and I'm willing to work for it), to replace my LFR one, which is no longer my BiS. I'd like VERY much to get back to playing RoRo-style, so I'll be ready and willing for the forseeable future. /e shakes his fist in a futile gesture at the RNG gods

Thank you, and please feel free to add my b-tag or contact me in-game.

[email protected]'Thalas

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/e ... f/advanced

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