Feral PvP Help!

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Feral PvP Help!

Post by Sonsys » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:21 am

Hi all,

Ive been playing feral PvE for quite some time now and a few days ago I was asked to do some 2v2 Arena. Now ive dabbled in arena before and I have to say I wouldn't consider myself to be an expert.
Im now hearing feral is "OP" in Arena and is pretty much facerolling most combo's. Ive been asked by alot of people to boost them in arena.

Is this right? Feral is really that strong in 4.2?? Im guessing its got something to do with UW trinket?
Anyways!....I went on ArenaJunkies to check out some macro's/set ups/addons etc and dived into the arena.
Win/Loss 8/2 week number 1.... Not that bad.
I have one major problem though. Im in S9 Viscious Gear with some of the S10 Viscious gear.

Im seeing my Pala healer get bursted down by other ferals in a matter of GCD's... I cant do this to anyone! Clearly im doing something wrong!

Can someone offer me any burst opener advise...or even sustained pressure advise!?

Im spamming those Insta-Cyclone when possible but it just seems like healers have no issues with casting instant cast heals to keep themself up.

Cheers for the help in advance!


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Re: Feral PvP Help!

Post by Terias » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:34 am

Sounds like your paladin is doing something wrong.

The paladin should be the worst target for a feral druid.

He might not have enough resil or he might be using the wrong spells.

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Re: Feral PvP Help!

Post by Antioch » Mon Aug 01, 2011 5:05 pm

Gotta agree with Terias your healer is doing something wrong if he is being globaled by another feral.
Ferals are nowhere near as "OP" as everyone says we are. People just have no dk's to complain about this season so they turn to us ferals.
People rage about our instant clones etc, stuff we have had for so long now but apparantly this season that makes us "OP". Truth is ferals are still as controllable as we always were, which is why you still don't see any in the top 10 3v3 teams on most servers.

All that aside ferals are in a good spot at the moment, i dont think we are anymore "OP" than any other melee class in the right hands.
Our burst has been increased in no small part to the unheeded warning trinket (which i tend to not use in 3's).
A good start to capitalize on this for an opener is; Feral charge (cat), pounce from stealth, mangle, Tigers fury and rake at the same time then depending on combo points either rip and then ravage or ravage and then rip.
After this its just a question of maintaining dots at all times or as close to max uptime as possible, try to play as if you only have from 30-100 energy, always leave 30 unused as much as possible so you can be ready to interrupt or burst at short notice.
Save berserk For when you know your free to use it, eg. all their available cc is on dr or your healer can stun anyone who can potentially peel you.
Also make sure to Tigers fury at the same time as you berserk.
This is a good video by Miirkat to explain in a bit more detail

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