Primary Weapon for PVP - BG's and Arena 2v2

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Primary Weapon for PVP - BG's and Arena 2v2

Post by adianar » Mon Mar 26, 2012 11:43 am

So, I'm 1.5 weeks old caring at all about PVP. I am in full ruthless gear and 3 conquest pieces. I have the reg Kiril and the Reg Spire of Coagulated.. I've been told to not use Kiril in Arenas as the size change makes it easier for my opponents to target/cc me.

Does that make sense? Is that accurate? Should I be saving up for the Conquest polearm regardless? At the moment, I'm using the Kiril in BG's, approx 3300 resil with some pve heroic BIS pieces. In arenas I'm running about 4100 resil using the Spire with less PVE pieces...



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