Tiger's Fury and DoC

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Tiger's Fury and DoC

Post by Burntanimal » Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:24 pm

I apologize in advance in case this question is regarded as stupid.

I've recently read a few threads in which various people have said that you're supposed to Healing Touch with Predatory Swiftness up (to proc DoC), then Tiger's Fury, then Rip. I'm wondering what the reasoning behind this is--specifically, what the reasoning behind using Healing Touch BEFORE Tiger's Fury is.

On a Boss Dummy, I reversed the order by using Tiger's Fury before DoC to see if there was any difference in the strength of Rip's DoT ticks: There wasn't. Of course, I didn't think there would be a difference which is why I tested it out. Tiger's Fury and DoC, I imagine, are multiplicative in nature, so obviously the order in which they are multiplied should make no difference.

So, I'm guessing Tiger's Fury is only supposed to be used after DoC is so that Tiger's Fury can be used to the maximum benefit (that is, instead of using Healing Touch after you Tiger's Fury, which does no damage to your target, you apply DoC first, Tiger's Fury, then DPS, so that way you maximize the 15% damage increase given by Tiger's Fury).

Anyway, the reason why I wanted to ask this is to make sure I'm not totally wrong. Because sometimes I may end up using Tiger's Fury before DoC (for example, if Tiger's Fury comes off cooldown, I press it, I use a finisher, Healing Touch, then Rake with both TF and DoC buffs still up).

I also have "hunches" about the following (I'll include this here because I don't believe it's too off-topic):

1) To exploit Stenhaldi's bug (as I will refer to it), I found that it makes more sense to drop Ursol's Vortex around 4-5 CP, which (almost always?) procs Predatory Swiftness, HT, Tiger's Fury, Rip--instead of wasting 2 GCDs on NS + HT, which will make it easier to not energy cap once you TF after the opener.

2) Isn't it a DPS increase to use Thrash sub-25% even if you're using Stenhaldi's bug, since FB refreshes the empowered Rip every time, anyway?

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Re: Tiger's Fury and DoC

Post by RareBeast » Sat Dec 15, 2012 5:52 pm

If you TF before the HT the extra GCD puts you at a far greater risk of capping your energy and wasting a bit. There is no specific reason to do it this way other than making sure you aren't wasting the energy.

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Re: Tiger's Fury and DoC

Post by Tinderhoof » Sat Dec 15, 2012 6:07 pm

You are correct about using HT before TF to make the most use of your TF time.
1. Sounds like a good opener to me.
2. I doubt this will improve damage. Because Thrash and FB both cost the same (at most) FB will keep your Rip going and provide a lot of damage. OOC procs are still good though.

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Re: Tiger's Fury and DoC

Post by aggixx » Sun Dec 16, 2012 6:08 pm

Only really applies if you're popping berserk as well. You have a full 6 seconds to dump your energy pool during TF and if you subtract a HT GCD from that, 90% of the time you'll still be able to get rid of all your energy. If you have the option to use the HT before you pop TF you definitely should, but if it means that you're going to flood energy because of it then you definitely shouldn't.

And what Tinder said on 1 and 2.

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