LK 25

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LK 25

Post by Dabeasty » Fri May 21, 2010 2:19 am

I saw on the blog here that Alaron was having trouble with LK 25. Have you downed it yet Alaron?

We started on this recently, had a couple of nights on it. We seem to have P1 and P2 sorted but struggle downing the Valks and avoiding defile in P3. I recall it being a pain in 10 man and it took us a while to sort it.

Any hints, tips beyond the normal strategy you read all over the place?

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Re: LK 25

Post by Alaron » Fri May 21, 2010 12:11 pm

There's no magic bullet, unfortunately. I actually really like P2 (I call it 1/1.5/2/2.5/3) with the valks and the defiles, as it demands good raid awareness on everyone's part. You can't rely on someone calling your name on vent to do stuff, you've got to react on your own and adapt. Part of what's taken us so long is that we've changed out strategy for dealing with P2 several times:

Strat 1: Stack on LK, person with Defile run out. (Doesn't work, cast time is too short for people to get far enough away.)
Strat 2: Stack on LK, person with Defile run towards stairs, persons without Defile run towards teleporter. (Better, but the person with Defile messing up still wipes the raid, and everybody moving means no DPS/heals.)
Strat 3: Stay loosely spread, collapse when Valks spawn, spread a bit more when Defile's about to cast. (Best so far. Even if a person with Defile reacts slowly, as long as they're out of the center/Valk path, and they don't have too many people around them, it's survivable.)

Random tips:

- Your tank/tanks (depending on how you manage Soul Reaper, we use one MT and a warrior OT with Safeguard to Intervene the MT on Soul Reaper) must be very proactive in how they place LK in relation to Defiles, in order to ensure that the stack spot and subsequent Valk path is clear of Defile. P2 is not the time for the RL and the MT to be arguing on where LK should go. :) Remember that P2 is not a DPS race, so if a Defile means that LK needs to be briefly moved to the center and melee attack from the front, do it.
- Don't freak out too much about bad Defile placement, just react to it and continue on. Some people will need to have Defile a time or two (or three or four) before they figure it out. If everyone else adjusts, though, it's not a big deal. As you're coming back in from a wipe, the RL needs to not be questioning the person WITH defile (unless they froze and didn't move at all), they need to be questioning the people who stayed near him/her.
- I think it's best to assign ~3-4 DPS to each Valk (one stunner/two-three slowers), and let the rest freelance. AOE if they're stacked, otherwise focus on the one closest to an edge. Melee kinda suck here since we can't do anything if the Valks are crossing a Defile.
- Stuns are helpful but 100% slow uptime is MUCH more important. We use Earthbind totem for initial AOE slow then let the assigned characters handle it. Ferals/unholy DK's are GREAT for this because they can talent into an on-attack slow that doesn't gimp their DPS. For stuns, We use our prot warrior to Shockwave for first AOE stun (get this one out quick to maximize AOE time while they're stacked) then have 3 pally/feral/rogue/warrior assigned one Valk for second stun. Third stun, if needed, is anyone. Remember warrior charge stun is not on DR so can be used in a pinch.
- Have everyone /focus'll see his target much quicker that way then by waiting for a bossmod. This can be done prepull.
- Turning on chat bubbles also helps with avoiding person with Defile.
- Once you get Valks/Defile management down (what usually kills people is not Defile itself but poor Defile causing excess scatter which kills Infest healing/Valk DPS), then you get the fun of managing the transition into P2.5. Stop DPS at 41%, kill the next Valk spawn, then stack him and the raid RIGHT on the edge of the platform, so you can step on immediately once the outer platform appears.

Good luck! We've gotten him to P3 several times now, but never with a full raid (the one time we got into P2.5 with nobody dead, there was premature rejoicing and we missed an ice sphere...oops) :)

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