Another my DPS is slacking thread

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Another my DPS is slacking thread

Post by theanimal » Mon Jan 28, 2013 1:01 am

I'm currently at 485 ilvl and I primarily use AMR for reforging/gemming/enchanting, but my DPS is definitely not where it should be.

Going back through some of my lgos, I have identified that I am not keeping my SR/rake/rip uptimes high enough, so I have been practicing that and making some adjustments which are helping.

I just want to make sure that my stats/reforges/gems look good. Also I see a lot of discussion between HotW, DoC, and NV. I'm currently using NV at the same time I use Berserk. I don't think DoC is the option I want to go after currently, and being that NV is getting the nerf in 5.2, should I just go with HotW?

I am currently looking at buying the DM trinket as I'm sure that would also greatly help my DPS.

Link to my armory: ... ral/simple

Any help is appreciated.

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Re: Another my DPS is slacking thread

Post by Tinderhoof » Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:23 am

I do not believe Aggixx or Raffy (Edgy) have adjusted their sims to account for the NV change. I think it will be close the DPS netural. As for your gear I would reforge to reach Hit/Exp caps. You are really close on Hit, but Exp needs to come up a bit. The socket bonus in your gloves and boots are not worth gemming for. I would replace them with pure agility. The Darkmoon Fair card is very good. I totally recomend buying it if you possibly can.

As is now NV and HotW are very close together. If you are timing NV with Berserk on cooldown (or as the fight length allows) it should come out slightly ahead of HotW. However HotW needs no extra attention and offers the super tranq as utility. It really is up to you to figure out what your raid needs. Just remember that NV's heal as a Feral is pretty worthless. Our attacks don't hit hard enough to make the heal worth while so don't let that be a factor in your deciding what to use.

Other than that, practice, practice, practice. Good luck.

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Re: Another my DPS is slacking thread

Post by aggixx » Wed Jan 30, 2013 5:12 pm

No, I have not done any PTR sims with the NV change yet (it's probably implemented though since it's not complicated). It'll probably come down to if you're using Incarnation it's a sizable loss, if you're not it's probably a negligibly small loss.

Going to be echoing Tinder here cause I'm too lazy to check everything against his post.

Gems: For your belt it's better to ignore the socket bonus, and for your boots I would personally use a agility/mastery gem, but the difference between matching and not matching the bonus is pretty iffy so you could go either way. Make sure that you always have agility on every one of your gems, there's no reason not to.

Enchants: Strength is better than Mastery for gloves (as long as you're not maintaining Thrash in your single target rotation), but the difference is small. If you use the same gloves for guardian there's nothing wrong with leaving it at Mastery. You'll see a nice DPS gain if you're willing to spend the gold for a Dancing Steel for your weapon, but I understand your weapon isn't the best so you might be holding back because of that.

Reforges: You're 0.5% over the hit cap so there's definitely room for improvement in your reforges, but otherwise it looks like you have the general idea. I would recommend using a reforging tool like WoWReforge or ReforgeLite (google them if you're not familiar) with the stat weights in this thread.

If you want to try to help yourself out with your Rip/Rake/SR uptimes theres a lot of great info if you look through some other threads where people have asked for some help.

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