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Re: Horridon

Post by Tinderhoof » Wed May 15, 2013 1:57 pm

Yes melee can get them (I know I have). However the melee won't see them until all of the ranged and healers have one or are dead. If you kill him fast enough melee won't see any.

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Re: Horridon

Post by Yriss » Wed May 15, 2013 8:19 pm

FF when you can (juste made a macro with /tar direhorn (or focus) /Cast FF /targetlasttarget )
vortex (i know it works but just with FF and typhoon it's ok )
frag belt if you are an engineer

it's enough easy to deal with this add without having to move

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Re: Horridon

Post by Alpheus » Sun May 19, 2013 7:51 am

Ekthelion wrote:Hmm it seems my knowledge about the encounter is a little outdated - so is it possible to be targeted by this add while being a melee class?
Yes, once all ranged/healers got it, you're next in tow for the pink fluffies. I generally just FF them on cooldown and typhoon every time it's off cooldown. With these two I can pretty much keep them at a neutral distance.

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Re: Horridon

Post by TagTheDruid » Fri May 24, 2013 1:29 am

It seems the easiest way is to have awesome cleave/aoe dps in there, and then you yourself only switch off to adds in the event that there is a decently stacked group of 4-5+ to lay into. Heroic really seems to have a huge add damage requirement in comparison to normal to the point where you really have to have all raid members doing their job.

On our attempts for heroic Horridon I was 2nd-3rd for overall add dmg, and 2nd-3rd on the meter overall. The issue obviously being that any decent multidot class or cleave/aoe class should be able to outperform a feral druid on the adds, so if they arent doing their job, you have to pitch in the extra multi-bleeding, throwin rakes around, rips on the larger adds.

Or you can cheese normal by stickin boss most of the time and Thrash/Raking nearby adds in between your rotation :P
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Re: Horridon

Post by Razia » Fri Jun 14, 2013 3:51 am

Hi, long time lurker here on the forums - the little tit bits (and all the more detailed work delving into certain trinkets) have been a great help to me other the years, so thanks!

We're currently progressing on heroic horridon (10man), and I'm struggling a bit on this boss. Our raid group is rather melee heavy, and additionally the ranged we have have been a little scarce the last few horridon nights, so melee can be targeted by the Direhorn Spirit from as early as the 3rd door.

I don't have luxury of sitting on horridon, so I am only DPSing him between doors until adds arrive. We also don't always have a warlock in the raid, so moving rake/rip also isn't always an option.

On our best attempts, we've made it to the 4th door before it falls apart. Generally, I'm doing somewhere around 140-150k DPS up to this point. I do have RoR and have 1:1:1 reforge. I ended up switching from DoC to HotW for this fight as I was rarely getting to 5 CPs before needing to switch targets so lots of points were wasted (though symbiosis on our rogue helps).

Does anyone have any suggestions (or example logs) for doing better whilst on add duty? Is "single target" on a higher HP add with ample thrashes the way to go or should I prioritise spreading around rakes (particularly with the RoR proc)? Also are your adds always in cleave (trash) range of horridon?

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