So... who are you when you're not a druid?

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So... who are you when you're not a druid?

Post by Sibylle » Fri Sep 13, 2013 5:40 pm

I thought I'd post a (completely voluntary, except that I'll pester everyone about it :lol: ) "who are you irl" thread. I'd love to know! Obviously, apply common sense and protect your privacy, so no last names, addresses etc - but a first name, general area or city you live in (and to the Americans: please spell out your state. I really don't remember all the two-letter acronyms, lol), maybe your age and what you do when you're not a kitty. Or bear. Or tree. Or chicken.

I'll make a start:

Sibylle is actually my real name, I live in a small town called Bray on the East coast of Ireland, and I think I'm probably the granny here - I'm 43 (and I love getting older, yes, really). I work a rather boring office job in a telecoms company and try to save up for my own little cottage where I hope to start a sanctuary for neglected/abused pet birds. My friends refer to me as the Mad Bird Lady, lol. I love music and used to sing in a band, and I'm a trained coach - part of the dream is also to be able to live on coaching alone one day and give up the 9-to-5.

Over to you :)

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Re: So... who are you when you're not a druid?

Post by RareBeast » Fri Sep 13, 2013 7:20 pm

I'm a 40 year old Pharmacist from Wollongong (an hour south of Sydney) in Australia. Married with a 2 year old son Harry who makes raiding a little difficult occaisionally ("Sorry guys, Harry hit the reset button on my PC again!").

I've owned the pharmacy for about 15 years now and spend way to much time at work reading WoW forums! :)

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