FoN over SotF

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FoN over SotF

Post by Gynaecology » Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:57 pm

Sorry if I'm just missing it, but what exactly determines when you want FoN over SotF? I'm assuming it's when one gets a TED, but I want to be sure. I'm asking because I just got TED, and as the least geared member of my guild, I'm min maxing as hard as I can so they'll take me to more heroics and thus I will get more gear. Here is my armory: ... d/advanced

Pardon the lack of optimization. I just got upgrades so it's currently simming for stat weights. So should I stop simming and switch it to FoN first? If not, when should I make the switch?


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Re: FoN over SotF

Post by Tremnen » Tue Oct 29, 2013 2:24 am

I think all trinkets show a dps upgrade using FoN the issues the make the most of it you need to try and use it on trinket procs and you never want to be sitting at 3 charges.

The hardest part about using FoN is using it. SotF is a passive you don't have to think about as much. FoN requires some insight into whether your ICD trinket is almost off CD or not ect.

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Re: FoN over SotF

Post by Zstriker » Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:23 pm

FoN for singletarget fights, SoTF for multitargets

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Re: FoN over SotF

Post by raffy » Thu Oct 31, 2013 7:01 am

FoN use in Catus is probably "too good" if you're not being assisted by an addon. It was the first ability that I've revised using lookahead analysis and absolute power.

That said, it's relatively easy to replicate and isn't unrealistic, it's just requires some additional logic.

When FoN is selected, Catus performs a very long target-dummy style simulation, and records some data. Using a sliding window of 60 seconds (3x 20sec FoN charges), it records the largest damage possible during the last 60 seconds, every 1 second. Using this data, it builds up a frequency distribution of how likely you are to achieve that damage threshold each minute. Catus then calculates a single damage power threshold in terms of a damage multiplier relative to proc-less Treant Rake using a kinda-worst-case estimate. For example, it might be "1.7x".

Then, while the action list is running, Catus is also waiting for your Treant Rake power to reach the magical "1.7x" threshold. It can only see your stats lagged by your reaction time. Once that threshold is reached, it looks at your procs, and says "do any trinket procs fade in 0.5sec (reaction time)?" If any do, Catus asks, "do I have any Ramp up/down procs (Renataki/Ebon)?" And if you do, it hypothetically walks into the future and checks if there exists a future point in time, using the state of your buffs now, where you can still do as much damage as you can do currently. So if you don't have a Ramp up/down trinket or the future looks shitty, it burns all of the available FoN charges.

While that might sound complex, it's actually simple:
1. if you know your damage threshold, then all you need to do is Red light/Green light via a WeakAura
2. if you have a green light, look at your procs, if they're running out, spam FoN
3. profit

I will add some functionality to Catus in the next update so it can spit out this damage threshold in terms of raw damage and a damage multiplier.

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