Fallen Protectors

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Fallen Protectors

Post by Óak » Wed Apr 09, 2014 7:18 pm

Hello fellow kitties

It's that time again when I visit TFD forums and annoy you all by posting my logs of a raid, ask that you decipher them and give me feedback

Today I'm a little more focused on one fight, although feel free to give feedback on my whole evening

I'm trying to achieve decent DPS for fallen protectors, since I'm currently raiding 25 man, my goal is to finish at at least 500k.

Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/tdessc0u8vn9upfb/

So the things I know..
I know my Thrash damage is really low, what I don't know whether it's best to thrash all the time and keep the bleed on as many targets as possible or not
I think my rake damage was decent, I tried to keep up rake on all of the three primary targets and when possible the other ones that had enough HP that rake would last for it's full duration at least
I hardly used swipe at all and looking at other logs that's wrong, my swipe damage is just over 2m, on some of the best logs of that fight the damage of Swipe is usually around 15m+. Again I'm not entirely sure when it's better to swipe than it is to mangle, how many targets minimum would you say?
My rip uptime was also poor. It's 66% which is at least 20% lower than most other logs, I think I know how to fix this but please correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm right then the most effective method is to keep up rip on one target for as long as possible? If that is right, when is it worth attempting to get multiple rips up? Only during berserk or heroism?

Other than that, where else can I improve? I'm really looking for all the advice I can take to be honest

Cheers guys, really appreciate any help


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Re: Fallen Protectors

Post by Stenhaldi » Wed Apr 09, 2014 8:39 pm

General suggestions:

Keep thrash up -- it's better than rake against two or more targets. Try to refresh it on trinket procs, as with any bleed.

When there are three or more targets, you should generally prefer swipe as a CP builder. Still try to mangle enough to extend your rips, especially trinket-buffed rips, and prefer mangle when you need to generate CP quickly. Also, try to keep energy pooled to use swipe on Feral Fury (T16 2-piece) procs.

Use Soul Swap to get multiple rips up quickly, especially with the T16 4-piece bonus. That is, if you have Feral Rage up you can rip, mangle once or twice back to 5 CP, soul swap, and then rip again. Even without Feral Rage up, soul swap is useful because it lets you fully extend a rip before putting up a new one (in contrast to the alternative where you put up rip and then switch to a new target, forgoing its extensions entirely), but you may prefer to keep soul swap and tiger's fury (for Feral Rage) synchronized since they have the same cooldown.

Rake multiple targets when you can, but don't do it so much that you can't get rips up, or so much that you can't extend your rips. It's difficult to be more precise because there are so many variables. Simplified math suggests tab raking if you don't have more than 2 CP on a target and completing a rip on a target if it has 3 CP or more, but things like rip extensions, feral rage, or trinket procs will alter that calculus.

When the bosses approach 25%, getting lucky enough to have two trinket-buffed rips on which you can alternate ferocious bite refreshes is a pretty big deal for damage on that fight.

On that fight, periodic damage effects don't stop ticking when targets die. The damage even carries over to when they respawn (or at least it did on 5.4 PTR -- haven't really paid attention to that since release), so if you refresh bleeds on a first set of Desperate Measures adds before they die, the second set will come out with less health. (You can do this on the second set too, but that's just padding.)

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